Learn Quran with Mariam in Ramadan

Spend this Ramadan learning Quran

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said, “The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be the honorable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Quran and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have a double reward.” 

Learn how to read the Quran perfectly this Ramadan, in our online interactive, live-stream class with Mariam.

About the instructor

Mariam is a professional teacher who has memorized the Holy Quran. She studied from AL-Azhar Al-Shareef. She has experience teaching Quran to Arabic and non-Arabic speaking students.

Given the lockdown situation, she is giving an online live Quran class. Book on Hala Yalla’s app so you can improve your Quranic recitation in no time.

The class will be a private one-on-one online training session with the instructor. In a private session, she’ll provide the following services:

  • Recitation: Learn to recite properly
  • Tajweed: Acquire skills to recite with proper rules & correct pronunciation
  • Qaidah Nouraniyah Classes: A beginners guide to learn Quranic Arabic

Who can join?

This private session is for females and children only. A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

Here’s the link to book a learn Quran online.


Learn Quran.
Learn to recite properly

Stay productive at home and learn Quran recitation. Book the live Quran class through the Hala Yalla app.

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How to Sleep Peacefully during stressful times

You know what’s the number ONE problem youngsters complain about these days?

No, it’s not about too many new shows on Netflix or losing an AirPod (though that’ll come in second).


Not getting enough sleep. Not able to fall asleep. Not able to wake up fresh, and so on.

Some people follow a strict bedtime routine which works wonders, but some really struggle with falling asleep quickly and staying asleep for the most part of the night.

Each routine works differently for everyone, but forming one and sticking to it is crucial.

Read on to find out how you can get a peaceful night’s sleep in these chaotic times…


  • Stick to a Schedule


Stick tight to your schedule

We can’t emphasize it enough. Sleeping and waking at a dedicated time regulates your body’s clock. Your body has its own regulatory system called the circadian rhythm. This internal clock cues your body to feel alert during the day but sleepy at night.

Once your body adjusts to this routine, it’s easier to fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day. So try to finish all your tasks before a dedicated time and set a daily alarm to wake up at the same time.

Lastly, give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to wind down in the evening before getting in bed. This allows your body and mind to relax and prepare for sleep

  • Don’t Look at the Clock
Turn around, don’t look at it!

It’s normal to wake up in the middle of the night. However, the inability to fall back asleep can ruin your night. 

People who do wake up in the night, tend to watch the clock and obsess over their sleeplessness. This behavior causes major anxiety that could eventually lead to insomnia.

If possible, it’s best to remove the clock from your room. If you need an alarm in the room, you can turn your clock and avoid watching it when you wake up in the middle of the night. This includes keeping your phone far away from your bed!

  • Make your bedroom sleep-friendly
Make it cozy!

Many people believe that the bedroom environment and its setup are key factors in getting a good night’s sleep.

These factors include temperature, noise, external lights, furniture arrangement, and even your mattress plays a crucial role here. 

Avoid prolonged exposure to bright light, noise or electronic gadgets right before you go to bed. A well-ventilated room can also do wonders for your sleep, so if you’re not too cold/hot, prop that window open. 

  • Clear Your Mind
Free your head, not literally

A bedtime routine, whether it’s a warm bath, chamomile tea, skincare or meditation,  helps clear your mind of all the worries you’ve accumulated during the day.

While yoga encourages the practice of breathing patterns and body movements, meditation can enhance melatonin levels and assist the brain in achieving a specific state where sleep is easily achieved.

You can try either of those or merely perform some deep breathing exercises right before your head hits the pillow. Light music and sleep-inducing apps like Calm and Pzizz have also proven helpful in clearing the mind. 

Let us know if any of these tips work out for you!


Fun Things to Do while Social Distancing

Events are canceled. Riyadh boulevard is closed. Malls and restaurants are being shut down. And no one’s booking those balcony seats in the cinemas anymore.

The coronavirus – and the social distancing it’s warranting – has the world worried, and for all the right reasons. To keep yourself entertained and active, Netflix & chill is not the only option at your disposal.

While you’re in quarantine or working from home, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do while you maintain that social distance for COVID-19. Read on! 


  • Virtual Tours of Museums and Art Galleries

Did you know you can now take an inside tour of each gallery and ancient relic within a museum, all from your living room? I sure didn’t. 

Museums and art galleries around the world are closed due to safety reasons. But if you’ve ever wanted a virtual tour of these places, now’s the time!

From the State Hermitage Museum in Russia to the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with 500 such establishments for visitors to gain a virtual peek inside their doors. There are opportunities to browse exhibits with a 360 view within halls, along with pictures and detailed history behind each of them.


  • Free Online Classes from Ivy League Institutions

The world is truly your oyster when it comes to learning new things. Be it language, skill, or just something to give you that edge over others. 

While maintaining healthy social distancing, there are endless online courses and classes available on websites like Class Central. From business to humanities to personal development, choose your pick. Search “Harvard” alone for classes on law, psychology, literature, neurosciences, and beyond.


  • Esports Tournaments

This is for all the kickass gamers out there. To be honest, you don’t really need a situation like quarantine to play Esports, but this might be the best time to participate in our epic tournaments at Kafu Games!

If you’re staying at home, start playing at home. 

You can also organize a FIFA 20 tournament just for your employees and qualify for Saudi’s 1st National Corporate Esports Championship! Head over to Kafu Games for more information.

  • Reading, Watching – all out Binging!

Alright! Let’s finally address the elephant in the room – BINGING!

If your reading list is overflowing with new and old books, if your watch list sits staring at you every time you open Netflix, chances are you’re gonna have an entertained social distancing. 

This is, of course, the perfect time to catch up on all the new shows, movies, documentaries, books, albums and so much more! Truth be told, some of us are quite delighted to the idea of binging on food and shows right now (I’ve already got hold of 7 new books and 4 shows). 

So grab that blanket, roll up your socks, and get the party going!


  • Podcasts

Binging Netflix is obviously self-quarantine activity, but don’t forget about the endless podcasts that you can listen to while cooking, cleaning, meditating, or working out.

Podcasts are an excellent way to make use of time and multitasking your way through tight schedules. They also allow you to be up to date and informed about recent developments in technology, world news, and even COVID-19 for example.

Although if you feel like truly distracting yourself, there are some good sports, crime, and humorous podcasts out there. Hit us up if you’d like some recommendations!


  • Crafts & Board Games

It might look strange to club these two activities, but when was the last time you actually spent time doing them?

When did you start (or finish even) that DIY project you’ve been planning for days? Remember the last time you played Monopoly with the fam? The time is now!

Bring out the cards and lay down the board, keep the gadgets aside and roll that dice. 

For DIY, Pinterest and YouTube are your friends for crafty inspirations. From bath bombs to graffiti house walls to even making your own hand sanitizer – if you’ve got the idea, there’s probably a video out there willing to help!


  • Cooking

Now is the perfect time to try out those recipes you haven’t had time to get to, and it is a good way to bring the family together or have a little distraction. Keep in mind to stock plenty of food in your freezers, in case of emergencies. 

Prep a quick lasagna or go head-on for a 3-course meal, the kitchen is yours and so is the time. Make sure to save some of everything you make and pack it up in the freezer. (Brownies tend to last quite a while up there, just saying!)


  • Decluttering aka Cleaning

Your cupboard, bookshelves, kitchen, garden, backyard and so many other things probably require a deep clean. What’s the best time than this to sort that pile out? 

Decluttering is great for mental stability and brings you a sense of calm. Regular decluttering has also proven to reduce anxiety and stress caused by the mere thought of cleaning.

Tip: Sort and label your stuff in several piles and decluttering can turn into a fun activity. Donate, throw out, hand-me-down, sell, and so on. Unused items make for creative gifts too sometimes!

Let us know in the comments what you’re up to during self-quarantine, we’re always open for new shows and book recommendations. Stay safe!

Try these 5 Arabian restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Try these 5 Arabian restaurants to fall in love with Arabic cuisine.

Arabic food is popular throughout the world for its use of rice and meat with a perfect blend of spices and sauces which makes your mother water!

In Saudi cities, you’ll find restaurants of every cuisine around the world. However, the taste and popularity of foreign cuisine couldn’t sideline the traditional and local food.

Arabic food is known and enjoyed in every corner of the world. Not just the Arabic food, Arabic restaurants are equally popular for its warm ambiance, unique seating arrangement, and mouthwatering aroma.

Here’s a list of Arabic restaurants that you should try.

  1. Al Nafoura

The Lebanese restaurant Al Nafoora is one of the most famous Arabic restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

This restaurant offers authentic traditional Arab taste to the food lovers throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

It serves Middle Eastern food including all types of Mandi and Kabsa. Its seafood is especially famous.

Al Nafoura operates various branches in the country. Just in Riyadh, there are more than 10 restaurants in different locations.

Al Nafourah's kebab.
Grilled Kebab

2. Al Romansiah

In the year 1418 AH, Romansiah opened its first branch in Riyadh. Since then, Romansiah is busy catering to the needs and wants of their customers.

The love for Romansiah is evident from the fact that they’ve opened up 30 branches in the regions of Riyadh, Al-Kharj, Al-Qassim, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Jeddah, Medinah. They have also exported the Saudi taste of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

They pay attention to every detail of quality and taste. The restaurant chain is known to be the ‘branches of romance’ which provide a relaxing atmosphere with luxury and sophistication. 

In this restaurant, you can order sweets, barbeque, chicken, meat, and Spanish.

For the love of food, enjoy the romance in Romansiah!

Al Romansiah branch

3. Najd Village Restaurant

Enjoy the most art of taste in the most traditional way possible. 

Located right in the middle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Najd region holds traditional and historic importance. 

Najd Village restaurant is popular for its delicious dishes and traditional architecture. People gravitate back to it for its combination of simplicity, privacy, and taste. 

Besides the main course, they also offer special village bakery made products and various lamb specialties.  

Najd Village seating area
Najd Village seating area

4. Bait Shawaya.

Bait Shawaya is a local restaurant chain for traditional food. The first branch was opened in 1425 AH, now there are more than 90 restaurants throughout the country.

They give special focus to the hygiene and quality of the products used.

It’s popular for its grill dishes. It serves various delicious combinations of grilled meat and rice. 

Grilled chicken.
Grilled chicken

5. Rise

On the Makkah highway, this restaurant is worth a try.

In the traditional seating arrangement, the restaurant offers a warm and relaxed environment to enjoy your food in.

Mandi dish.
Mandi dish

If you haven’t tried any of these restaurants, what are you even doing in Riyadh?

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