Move To Game – Saudi Sports Federation’s new initiative


Move to Game is KSA’s 1st  initiative combining physical sports & esports

Move to Game is an initiative launched by the Saudi Sports for All Federation and the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) in April 2020. Supported by the Quality of Life Program as part of the nation’s Vision 2030 goals, Move to Game is the first initiative of its kind that combines physical sports and electronic games, with the aim of encouraging community members to move and practice sports activities in the Kingdom. 


The initiative is focusing on two major categories. The first one being specifically for physical activities such as walking, exercising and achieving the biggest goal of 10 billion steps. The second is Esports challenges for the most popular game titles, with the aim of enhancing a players’ mental health.


Let’s Move 

There are many ways in which you can move while staying at home, whether you’re watching TV or reading a book, or playing exciting video games with your family!

The initiative aims to motivate citizens and residents to walk and get physically active. You can choose any challenge you like from a variety of great options:


  • Fitness Challenges


Quick challenges that don’t exceed one minute, for various exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, and shuffle.

Try to change your routine by trying these exciting sports challenges and level up your fitness goals.


  • Step Challenges


Count your steps and reach the set target, for a chance to win exciting rewards.

The challenges are spread over a week, where you can choose from a two-day or a continuous 4-day walk challenge. 


  • CSGs Challenges


Challenges between registered Community Sports Groups on the SFA platform where local and professional groups compete to win. 



  • Sports Federations Challenges



Introduced by the Saudi Sports Federation, these challenges are focused on sports of your choice, like basketball, football, tennis, and many more. Find like-minded people to compete with and enhance your skills in a professional manner.

Read more on Move to Game’s official website!


Let’s Game 


The goal of this initiative is to improve the mental health and physical health of all esports players. Let’s Game gives you the chance to join a gaming hub and choose between two kinds of challenges. Either you join Esports tournaments for all your favorite and popular games such as FIFA, Rocket League, Fortnite – as solo, duo or squad – or you can join online tournaments for classic fun games such as Uno and Ludo.


For now, the initiative spans the citizens and residents of KSA with promises to expand to other countries in the near future.



Join Hala Yalla – your Super App for Sports, Entertainment, Culture & more

Hala Yalla is Saudi’s 1st super app helping citizens and residents lead healthier, more active, and fulfilling lives by simplifying participation in sports, entertainment, and social activities with a couple of taps on your phone.

Hala Yalla is the super team behind the technology that has powered many of the biggest sports and entertainment events in the Kingdom over the past 2 years in partnership with the most prominent federations and governmental entities – Jeddah Season, Diriyah Season, WWE, Baloot Championship, Formula E and more.

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Top 10 Hala Yalla App Groups & Communities You Must Join

Organize Corporate League Tournaments for your Company

Top 10 Hala Yalla App Groups & Communities You Must Join

Our top 10 Hala Yalla app groups you should join

We live, laugh, and learn together from the people in our communities. And communities come to our rescue in trying times like these. Hala Yalla app groups are here to do just that. 

As humans, we feel a strong need to belong. To one another, to our friends and families, to our culture and country. This is because belonging is primal, fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being.

We’re dependable creatures and need to be part of something. Being in a group, belonging to a community, feeling part of a club, a team or a movement helps us to live better.

At Hala Yalla app groups, we give you a place to share, organize, host, join and do so much more with like-minded people. Read on to find the top 10 public groups you must be part of… 


  • Jeddah

One of the oldest cities in the Kingdom, Jeddah is the historic crossroads between ancient and new, traditional and modern. From its enormous Red Sea coastline to spacious architecture, Jeddah is fast-paced and a little rough around the edges.

If your heart belongs in this cultural gateway and you’d like to meet fellow Jeddah-lovers, join the group today!


  • All About KAEC

Bird-eye view of the advanced KAEC

Know everything about this next-gen city in KAEC’s group on Hala Yalla. Live a modern and healthy lifestyle, with immense business and development opportunities in King Abdullah Economic City. 

Expand to meet your business aspirations, take your career to new heights, or just visit for a weekend getaway – KAEC is Saudi’s future. 

Join the group today and stay up to date with all things KAEC!


  • All Things Apple

All the latest Apple products including MacBook Pro, iWatch, and iPhone X for all Apple-lovers

If you’re a true, ardent Apple fan whose faith in the brand is unshakable, then this is the perfect group for you. 

Obsess over the newest, greatest updates with other iOS lovers, fawn over recent gadgets and get support for all things Apple.

Join the group now!


  • Ecommerce Apps UX & Design – Saudi

Good UX design example for Ecommerce apps

Ecommerce apps are changing how you interact with your consumers, it’s a retail outlet in their pocket. When it comes to UX and design of these eCommerce apps, it’s important to understand user behavior and psychology that make your app stand out from the rest. 

Join some of the brightest UX minds to transform Ecommerce in Saudi by being a part of this group.


  • Hala Yalla Football Group

Footballers playing on the field

Football is played, broadcasted, and loved all over Saudi Arabia. It’s the Kingdom’s pulse that binds and connects people from all regions. A sport that brings folks together with feelings of belonging, loyalty, and passion. Everyone can be a part of a football community. 

Join the largest football group on Hala Yalla to host, organize, or be part of community matches as well as large-scale tournaments. Cheer for your favorite club as the field calls you, join Hala Yalla’s football group today!


  • Adrenaline Adventure Team

An adventurous person jumping between two cliffs

Explore the world outside your comfort zone, whether it’s mountain biking, desert safaris, snorkeling or any other adventurous sport. Nurture your wild spirit and join the group of adventurous explorers on Hala Yalla.

Here are the adventurous places in Saudi you can visit with your team!

  • Sports Group

An assortment of all sports gears placed circularly on a grassy field, including a tennis racket, football, baseball gloves, etc

Sports play a crucial role in building communities and connecting people in a society. As part of our nation’s Vision 2030 goals, we’d like to facilitate mass participation in sports and physical activities among people.

Join the sports group with enthusiastic members on Hala Yalla, find the best sporting activities around you and bond over your favorite games. 


  • Nutrition and Health

Essential fruits and vegetables placed in a beautiful heart shape on a wooden surface, teaching you to eat healthy is the nutrition group on Hala Yalla

Good nutrition has a direct effect on the overall wellbeing of a community. The combination of changes in food patterns and sedentary lifestyles among people in the Kingdom has contributed to various health hazards. 

Join the Health and Nutrition group on Hala Yalla to get the perfect support on your fitness journey.

Read more about the Top Benefits of Healthy Eating. 


  • Arab Hiking

An adventurer with a backpack heads towards the Saudi mountains in summer, learn more by joining the Arab Hiking group on Hala Yalla

Whether you have thousands of miles logged in the forest or you’re a newbie interested in learning more about the benefits of hiking, joining a hiking group will help you expand your horizons and get outdoors more often. 

Meet avid hikers in Arab Hiking’s group on Hala Yalla and scale the tallest peaks of our magnificent desert. Join the group today!


  • Dive Point Divers

A diver surrounded by hoards of fishes near the seabed, among the groups on Hala Yalla

Diving is a team sport. Even though you believe this activity is your solitary, personal chance to connect with the world below the surface, it can get a bit lonely down there, with only fishes for company. 

If you feel like you’re not getting in the water that often, or need your crew to expand, join Saudi’s top divers & explore the deepest parts of the ocean. Join the Dive Point Divers group on Hala Yalla today. 

There you have it! If you’re part of an existing thriving community, reach out to a wider audience through multiple community features on Hala Yalla Super App. 

Let’s come together, the time is now.

Experiences at Hala Yalla are best enjoyed with friends. Share this awesome news with them and help us create the largest digital community in the Middle East.

Download your SUPER app for sports, entertainment, culture, communities and more.



Guitar Workshop for Beginners – Join & Learn

How to Learn Guitar at Home?

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


If you’d like to be most productive and relaxed at home, learn to play music. Music is the language of the soul, a creative beginning. 

In an online live session on our Hala Yalla app, learn to play the guitar step by step from basics by a professional instructor.

Who is the instructor & what do you learn?

Muhamed Saleh is an experienced professional in the field of music. He’ll teach you how to play guitar, different types of chords ‘minor and major’, music scale with a lot of fun imbibed. The workshop will incorporate left and right-hand exercises.

In an interactive one-on-one session with the music instructor, you’ll learn to play your favorite instrument in no time and with amazing efficiency. 

Click the link below to join the session now

Play guitar
Learn to play

A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

To learn guitar online, join live music classes through the Hala Yalla app. Download the app now to enjoy live-streamed activities for sports, entertainment, art, and much more!

Download the app today on Android or iOS

Learn to Play Music with Rashid & Stay Productive at Home

Join Live Online Session to Learn Music Instruments

Since it’s easy to lose motivation in a monotonous routine we’ve lost our productivity while living our life in lockdown.

No matter how hard it can get to stay productive, we can still pull ourselves up and start to live productively.

If you want to stay productive at home, believe in the magical power of instruments and join the live music class through the Hala Yalla app.

Who’s the Instructor?

Learn to play instruments from a professional in the field of music with more than 17 years of expertise. Learn to play the guitar, harmonium, and piano from Rashid.

He will train for songs in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu. 

To learn music online choose the date and time that suits you best. In an interactive one on one session with the music instructor, you’ll learn to play your favorite instrument. 

man playing piano
learn to play

Book one on one live session in just 100 SAR. A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

Stay productive at home and join live music classes through the Hala Yalla app. Download the app now to enjoy more sports, entertainment, and many more activities around you.

Download the app today on Android or iOS

Kafu Games hosts Gamers Without Borders worth $2million prizes

Millions of gamers worldwide come together for a cause in this year’s Gamers Without Borders (GWB) being presented by SAFEIS and hosted on Kafu Games, Hala Yalla’s ultimate Esports platform for organizing, running, and managing online Esports tournaments.

Kafu Games hosts 7 weeks of non-stop tournaments for gamers in Saudi Arabia with $2 million worth of giveaways in prizes. ESL, an international esports company, will manage the global tournament with a $10 million prize fund which the winners will give to one of many international charities like WHO, KSRelief, Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance, and Direct Relief fighting on the front-line against the spread of coronavirus. 



Started on 22nd April, the Gamers Without Borders season will go on till 7th June on Kafu Games. Registrations are now open for seven weeks of back-to-back daily and weekly tournaments on Kafu Games including solo, duo, and team championships for world-famous games like FIFA 20, PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch and more. Exclusive giveaways worth $2 million will be provided by SAFEIS for gamers in Saudi Arabia. 



Some of the GWB tournaments are live-streaming on a separate portal created especially for the event. Watch your favorite gamers compete against each other here



The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology also launched a learning portal called ‘The Academy: GWB’ for gaming webinars, prized hackathons, and training programs for all gamers participating in GWB. 

Kafu Games hosted the biggest esports season by SAFEIS and STC in April, for more than half a million riyals of prize pools. Over 23,130 players competed in multiple tournaments of PUBG, FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. 

SAFEIS choosing Kafu Games to host this year’s GWB season is a  prime example of the government supporting Saudi entrepreneurs and businesses as part of the pillars of Vision 2030. 

With it’s widening global reach and support from the Saudi government, Kafu Games aims to build an arena for esports as massive as regular sports, which in turn will develop and strengthen the growing community.

Kafu Games is built and designed by yours truly, Hala Yalla, the super team behind the technology that has powered many of the biggest sports and entertainment events in the Kingdom over the past 2 years (Jeddah Season, Diriyah Season, WWE, Baloot Championship, Formula E and more). 


Join the biggest online gaming event by clicking the link below:

Top 10 Travel shows to binge while you can’t travel

The global situation ushering people indoors has definitely thwarted a lot of travel plans. But you can have an equally amazing globe-trotting experience from the comfort of your home.

Yep, you read that right. When platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime provide unlimited binge-worthy fun, it’s gonna take some real effort to get bored at home. 

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 travel, food, and overall adventurous shows for those seeking a touch of wanderlust during the quarantine. Read on!



  • Parts Unknown


Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown

No ‘best travel shows’ list can ever be complete without mentioning this legend. At first, it may seem like a show all about food since it’s host Anthony Bourdain is a former celebrity chef. Soon you’ll realize how different cultures are tied together by the love for food.

He visits cities all over the USA, Europe, and even goes as far as Congo and Libya to explore his love for people, their lifestyles, histories, and of course – good food. 

Bourdain created 12 seasons of the show before he tragically passed away in 2018. The last season was aired posthumously without his legendary voiceovers. 

There’s enough to learn and discover in each of his episodes, so if you’re truly looking for something to binge on – start here!

Watch the trailer here:


  • Planet Earth


Planet Earth's cover image

A groundbreaking natural docu-series created by BBC One both seasons of Planet Earth are one of the most extensive and extraordinary shows about our planet. 

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the series was filmed over four years across 64 different countries. Covering oceans to the deserts to the polar ice caps and wildlife in all these regions.

The first season was aired in 2006, and owing to its massive popularity, 10 years later in 2016, Planet Eart II was released. Sir David returned to narrate the second season that ventured into jungles, islands, and wild mountains.

A second sequel, Planet Earth III is currently announced and planned to air in 2022.

Watch the trailer here:


  • Street Food: Asia


Street Food Title Image

Highlighting street food vendors in almost 9 cities all over Asia, Street Food is your no-frill, on-the-ground, as local as you can imagine food show. From the creators of Chef’s Table, it’s the new addition to Netflix’s growing originals’ list.

Combining mouth-watering food with travel, each 30-minute episode ventures deep into the history, culture, and struggles of vendors and the stories behind their businesses. 

Experience hawker stalls in Thailand, food carts in India and get to know the world beyond from the comfort of your home.

Watch the trailer here:


  • Ugly Delicious


Ugly Delicious title image

Chef David Chang is trotting the globe in hunt of the purest and most authentic forms of food. Rather than just being about food, the series focuses more on the culture behind food in these cities.

Each episode highlights one dish or concept and explores how it’s evolved in different regions. Chang picks up one popular food, like tacos, and traces its history with some famous personality always accompanying him. 

Ugly Delicious is available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here:


  • Chef’s Table


Food is truly viewed as art at Netflix’s original docuseries, Chef’s Table. World-renowned chefs share their deeply personal histories and unique styles within the food industry. The Emmy-winning show is about as close as you can get to eating at a restaurant without physically being there.

This is not just a cooking show. It’s about the chefs who’ve carved their own roads to reach where they are now. Step into their shoes and see food from an artists’ perspective as they create super complicated dishes.

A glimpse behind one of the most sought after dining experiences in the world, from your living room!

Watch the trailer here:


  • Dark Tourist


Most tourists, adventurers, and thrill-seekers visit popular attractions like beaches, islands, bustling cities, and museums while on vacation. There are also quite many who visit less-known places associated with ancient cult activities. This is dark tourism. 

And journalist David Farrier is doing just that in his docuseries Dark Tourist. It’s the most infamous and recent trend in travel. Farrier visits wicked, dangerous places like chemical disaster sites, to museums housing controversial artifacts in his 6-episode season. 

Watch the trailer here:


  • Departures


Two best friends from Canada heave their backpacks to venture the world in their semi vlogging series. It involves road trips to remote places, street food, and discussions on random things.

Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach end up exploring vast areas of the world, looking for unique and thrilling experiences. They show you how fun and low-budget travel can really be. So you can make some impromptu arrangements when you’re out of quarantine. 

Departures seems totally unscripted and improvised showing us the real, raw face of traveling. 

Watch the trailer here:


  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father


A father and son duo set out to explore places and strengthen their bond. Watching it will bring back memories of traveling with your parents – only with more comedy and mishaps.

British comedian Jack Whitehall takes his senior father, Michael to an adventurous trip across Southeast Asia in the first season. They both learn a thing from each other by taking part in unique experiences. 

Watch the trailer here:


  • Somebody Feed Phil


This Netflix original follows Phil Rosenthal, the creator of hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond on his food adventures to Bangkok, Mexico, New Orleans, and more.

He takes viewers on a goodwill tour of culinary exploration with his affectionate and sometimes over-enthusiastic personality. You can virtually travel with Phil and experience authentic cuisines.

Watch the trailer here:


  •  The Kindness Diaries


In the Kindness Diaries, former broker Leon Logothetis travels around the world on a vintage motorcycle. It might seem like a weird concept at first. But wait till you hear the twist. For the entirety of his trips, he must rely solely on the kindness of strangers for food, shelter, and fuel.

The acts of kindness offered by strangers are heartwarming and humbling to watch. Leon doesn’t accept any money on his travels but listens to endless endearing stories the strangers offer him. 

Kindness 2 and 3 followed after the success and popularity of the first season,. 

Watch the trailer here:

So who says you gotta travel far to learn and experience things? You can do it right from the comfort of your home, by binging on these amazing travel shows.


Download Hala Yalla, the ultimate social community app to find the best sports, entertainment, fitness, food, and more activities in Saudi Arabia.



Join Live Classes and Learn New Skills!

Learn New Skills in Lock Down

Enhance your creativity in quarantine with these live online classes on Hala Yalla.

Since we’ve got all the time we ever needed to learn something new, let’s take advantage of this time and learn in live sessions.

Book the experiences you’d like from the Hala Yalla app.

Beauty Consultant – Manal

Manal is an experienced beauty consultant. She’ll guide you through your haircare and skincare routine so you can enjoy healthy hair and skin while social distancing. In the lockdown situation, she’ll help you to choose the perfect type of makeup for you.

Take care of your skin and hair. Refer to Manal for beauty consultation.

Lipstick artwork

Paint & Calligraphy by Hamna

Hamna is an artist offering painting and calligraphy lessons to beginners of all age groups. All art enthusiasts (females and children) are welcome to learn or brush up their skills.

She is offering live stream classes on:

  • Acrylic painting: learn brush techniques, blending techniques, and of course painting itself
  • Basic Calligraphy: Acquire ancient writing skills

Please note: Students need to attend the class with:

  • A canvas (sizes 16 x 16 and 16×25  are preferred)
  • Brushes (flat brushes, angular brush, and detail round)
  • Primary colors of acrylic paint

Learn to paint during the lockdown.

Creative Arts with Naziya

Naziya is a passionate art teacher. She is introducing the audience to the interactive world of art. In today’s fast-paced world where it’s easy to access the internet from anywhere, she is giving live stream classes to art enthusiasts.

She is offering to teach:

  • Creativity
  • Textures & Techniques
  • Painting & Illustrations
  • Painting & Imprinting Techniques
  • Fabric Painting

oil painting of ship on fabric

Learn to express yourself through colors in quarantine. Learn it online with Naziya.

Guitar workshop for beginners

If you want to learn to play music from scratch, join the live stream classes. 

Muhamed Saleh is an experienced professional in the field of music. Learn different types of chords ‘minor and major’ and music scale. In addition to that, he’ll give right and left-hand exercises. 

Learn the art of music from Mohammed.

Music with Rashid

In a lockdown, learn the skills of handling musical instruments well. In an interactive live art class, learn to play guitar, harmonium, and piano.

woman playing a piano

Join the live sessions and learn to play instruments in Quarantine.

Book the creative art classes you like from the Hala Yalla app to enjoy the discount.

At the meeting time, a secured link will be shared for the live stream art classes. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

To enjoy the remote learning experience, download the Hala Yalla app.

For Android:


Join Live Art Classes To Learn Music and Dance!

Join live art classes to dance on the rhythm of musical instruments

If you want to stay calm in quarantine, join these live-stream creative art classes on Hala Yalla.

It’s said, music can change moods. Try it in quarantine with the Hala Yalla creative art classes. Learn to express your soul through dance and music.

So, book any (or all) art classes of your choice through the Hala Yalla app.

Salsa Dance

Learn the Salsa dance in a live stream class. 

The training is offered by the Latin Dance Professional who is also an active member of the Riyadh Salsa community. You can join the class with your partner or even solo.

Join the live sessions and learn to dance in Quarantine.

Dance training with Reem

The professional dancer is starting live dance classes. Join the class and tap your feet to the rhythm. Learn to dance your worries away.

She is offering dance classes in

  1. HipHop
  2. Afrobeat
  3. Zumba

Learn to dance from a professional choreographer in Quarantine.

Man practicing dance movements

Music with Rashid

Learn to play instruments from a professional in the field of music. He has more than 17 years of expertise. Learn the art of music from Rashid in an interactive live art class.

He’ll teach you to play –

  1. Guitar 
  2. Harmonium
  3. Piano

Join the live sessions and learn to play instruments in quarantine.

Guitar workshop for beginners

Muhamed Saleh is an experienced professional in the field of music. He’ll teach you how to play guitar from scratch. Learn different types of chords ‘minor and major’ and music scale. In addition to that, he’ll give both right and left-hand exercises. 

Learn the art of music from Mohammed.

Book the creative art classes you like from the app to enjoy the discount.

At the meeting time, a secured link will be shared for the live stream art classes. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

To enjoy the remote learning experience, download the Hala Yalla app on Android or iOS


Fun Things to Do while Social Distancing

Events are canceled. Riyadh boulevard is closed. Malls and restaurants are being shut down. And no one’s booking those balcony seats in the cinemas anymore.

The coronavirus – and the social distancing it’s warranting – has the world worried, and for all the right reasons. To keep yourself entertained and active, Netflix & chill is not the only option at your disposal.

While you’re in quarantine or working from home, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do while you maintain that social distance for COVID-19. Read on! 


  • Virtual Tours of Museums and Art Galleries

Did you know you can now take an inside tour of each gallery and ancient relic within a museum, all from your living room? I sure didn’t. 

Museums and art galleries around the world are closed due to safety reasons. But if you’ve ever wanted a virtual tour of these places, now’s the time!

From the State Hermitage Museum in Russia to the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with 500 such establishments for visitors to gain a virtual peek inside their doors. There are opportunities to browse exhibits with a 360 view within halls, along with pictures and detailed history behind each of them.


  • Free Online Classes from Ivy League Institutions

The world is truly your oyster when it comes to learning new things. Be it language, skill, or just something to give you that edge over others. 

While maintaining healthy social distancing, there are endless online courses and classes available on websites like Class Central. From business to humanities to personal development, choose your pick. Search “Harvard” alone for classes on law, psychology, literature, neurosciences, and beyond.


  • Esports Tournaments

This is for all the kickass gamers out there. To be honest, you don’t really need a situation like quarantine to play Esports, but this might be the best time to participate in our epic tournaments at Kafu Games!

If you’re staying at home, start playing at home. 

You can also organize a FIFA 20 tournament just for your employees and qualify for Saudi’s 1st National Corporate Esports Championship! Head over to Kafu Games for more information.

  • Reading, Watching – all out Binging!

Alright! Let’s finally address the elephant in the room – BINGING!

If your reading list is overflowing with new and old books, if your watch list sits staring at you every time you open Netflix, chances are you’re gonna have an entertained social distancing. 

This is, of course, the perfect time to catch up on all the new shows, movies, documentaries, books, albums and so much more! Truth be told, some of us are quite delighted to the idea of binging on food and shows right now (I’ve already got hold of 7 new books and 4 shows). 

So grab that blanket, roll up your socks, and get the party going!


  • Podcasts

Binging Netflix is obviously self-quarantine activity, but don’t forget about the endless podcasts that you can listen to while cooking, cleaning, meditating, or working out.

Podcasts are an excellent way to make use of time and multitasking your way through tight schedules. They also allow you to be up to date and informed about recent developments in technology, world news, and even COVID-19 for example.

Although if you feel like truly distracting yourself, there are some good sports, crime, and humorous podcasts out there. Hit us up if you’d like some recommendations!


  • Crafts & Board Games

It might look strange to club these two activities, but when was the last time you actually spent time doing them?

When did you start (or finish even) that DIY project you’ve been planning for days? Remember the last time you played Monopoly with the fam? The time is now!

Bring out the cards and lay down the board, keep the gadgets aside and roll that dice. 

For DIY, Pinterest and YouTube are your friends for crafty inspirations. From bath bombs to graffiti house walls to even making your own hand sanitizer – if you’ve got the idea, there’s probably a video out there willing to help!


  • Cooking

Now is the perfect time to try out those recipes you haven’t had time to get to, and it is a good way to bring the family together or have a little distraction. Keep in mind to stock plenty of food in your freezers, in case of emergencies. 

Prep a quick lasagna or go head-on for a 3-course meal, the kitchen is yours and so is the time. Make sure to save some of everything you make and pack it up in the freezer. (Brownies tend to last quite a while up there, just saying!)


  • Decluttering aka Cleaning

Your cupboard, bookshelves, kitchen, garden, backyard and so many other things probably require a deep clean. What’s the best time than this to sort that pile out? 

Decluttering is great for mental stability and brings you a sense of calm. Regular decluttering has also proven to reduce anxiety and stress caused by the mere thought of cleaning.

Tip: Sort and label your stuff in several piles and decluttering can turn into a fun activity. Donate, throw out, hand-me-down, sell, and so on. Unused items make for creative gifts too sometimes!

Let us know in the comments what you’re up to during self-quarantine, we’re always open for new shows and book recommendations. Stay safe!