How Not to Get Bored during Quarantine!

Make the best use of your time during COVID-19.

Quarantine has made us all stuck in our home and we don’t know what to do with our lives anymore!

We all are just bored!

To kill the time, think about everything you thought you’d do when you’ll get time. Now is a good time to do that!

But, If you don’t know what to do during this crisis, we’ve got your back!

Here’s a list of things that you can do without putting yourself and others around you at risk.

1. Cook together.

Since this is the time when you can’t dine out, strengthen your bond with your family by helping them in the kitchen and other house chores.

Host your own cooking show from home and film it for fun (make sure your whole family participates in one or the other way). Surely, you’ll have a few good laughs while filming and watching it later will make you smile!

2. Reading club at home.

Make your own reading club at home!

Ask every member of your family to start reading a book. Race to see who finishes it the quickest. After everybody has finished reading, sit down and discuss the theme and story plot with your homies.

Or ask your friends to read a book and discuss it with them online.

3. Movie Night.

Plan to watch a movie alone or ask your family to join you. 

No matter how many movies you’ve watched, there’ll still be movies that you haven’t watched yet or you don’t know about.

Grab plenty of popcorn and snacks and start watching new movies, or rewatch the ones you can’t get over!

4. Make a Family Scrapbook.

Compile the family pictures that make you nostalgic and paste it on the scrapbook. 

Write your thoughts, relive those moments. Fill your scrapbook with happy memories!

5. Self Care.

Since you’ve got all the time you ever needed, make use of this self-isolation by taking self-care. Ask your family to join you.

Set a routine and follow it for self-care! Practice yoga, meditate and keep on exercising! By the time quarantine will end, you’ll get into the habit of self-care.

6. Dinner Party.

When you can’t go out and nobody can come in, plan a dinner party with your homies.

Set candle lights, turn on the fairy lights and enjoy the quarantined dinner party.

7. Paint.

Express yourself through painting. Get creative on the canvas and paint your mind out.

If you don’t know how to paint, learn from YouTube tutorials and recreate it till you’re able to create!

8. Redecorate your home.

Considering the amount of time you have in your hands, you might as well change the setting of the house.

Redecorate your house, wash the curtains, paint the walls and everything you can do to change the look of your house.

9. Play games.

Since everyone’s home, play the games you used to play before you grew up.

Play hide and seek! Hide behind the door, under the bed or in the cupboard and make sure nobody finds out where you are unless you make your presence known.

Play board games or cards! There are plenty of games that we can play inside while keeping ourselves and others safe.

10. Play Online Games and join tournaments.

In this era of advanced technology, it’s impossible not to find anything online.

Keep practicing the games you’re good at. Keep playing!

Kafu, by Hala Yalla, has brought you the tournaments that you can join to combat your boredom. Take part in the PUBG and FIFA tournaments to win the prize money.

Make the best use of this time and spend time with your family. This is going to be the only time when you’re told to stay at home and do nothing!

Stay home, stay safe!

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