Freshen Up Your Upcoming Summer With Hala Jazan

Hala Jazan

Have you ever felt so hot that your skin started crawling its way out of your body? No? Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that’s what Hala Yalla is here to help you with. Say Hala Jazan, because you two are certainly going to become best buddies, meeting up on weekdays & getting to know each other further on weekends, with either VIP or Silver Package.


The Night Out Experience You Deserve …

Farasan Islands, whether you want to spend a relaxing 3 days long retreat that’s pollution-free, traffic-free, or even humans-free (if that’s what you want to take a break from). Although, you can always bring your significant other to enjoy a serene sunset around Farasan’s beach, with a uniquely prepared dinner presented to you by Mahfol Makfol as a blessing from them to add the icing on your special night. 

Time to Catch Up With Your Best Buddies …

If you’re an energetic, fun-loving, morning type of person who’s looking to have a good time with their buddies (up to 30 people), then you will also find your niche in here. Whether it be exploring the Zafaf Island (Almangroove), going on a ferry & doing various oceanic activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, and even diving, All supervised by professionals & experts in tour guiding. 

Make Good Memories With Your Kids … 

Last but not least is our bundle of joy, our kids. With 50% discounts for 6-15 years old, to a free full-ride for those who are 5 years old and below. A perfect opportunity for them to sharpen their perseverance & diligence by learning to fish, and to try out different & delicious locally sourced, cultural food. 

Farasan Islands: A One Time Only Experience … 

Let your next adventure be to Hala Jazan

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