telo GameZ Lenovo Legion gaming phone: Everything you should know

Promising a futuristic gaming experience, the telo GameZ Lenovo Legion phone is all set to become the next big name in mobile gaming. A sizable advancement from previous gaming phones, Lenovo Legion is truly a performance beast with an impressionable list of specs. 

From its underlying dual architecture to the world’s first deep customized horizontal UI, find evolution on every level in the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel – and reign supreme with more style and savagery. 

Have a look at our detailed breakdown of its features: 


World’s first deep customized UI gaming phone

The world’s first deep customized horizontal UI

Experience a huge library of apps and customizable themes that have been redesigned from the ground up and optimized for landscape-mode usage.

  • First true-optimized landscape UX
  • Best tactile feedback from an optimal, ergonomic design


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus

Speed of light

Powered by the world’s fastest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 Plus 5G processor, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is the first gaming phone to harness its industry-leading CPU and GPU performance and deliver it into your hands. 


Dual Batteries, Turbo Charging, Dual Liquid Cooling System

More than super-fast charging

Its cooling system is inspired by top-of-the-line gaming PCs, you’ll always be battle-ready with a dual battery setup for maximum power and the fastest charging experience ever. Together with a revolutionary dual-liquid, mid-thermal, floating cooling system for better thermal distribution, you can run for longer and cooler even in the heat of battle.

  • 10-minute charge for 50% battery life
  • 30-minute charge for full battery life
  • Dual-liquid mid-thermal, floating cooling system
  • Dual 2500mAh batteries
  • Dual Type-C 90W turbo-charging

telo GameZ Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Dual Vibrators, Dual Shoulder Keys, 3D Motion-sensing Control

Multidimensional vibration control for total dominance

Bring masterful precision to your every move with dual ultrasonic shoulder keys that let you quickly trigger in-game actions like firing, and dual x-axis linear motors that provide finely-tuned vibration feedback for greater immersion. The best part? With 3D motion sensors, you can simply incline the phone to adjust your angle for the perfect headshot.


Control & Display

Fastest response for the win

The control and display of the Lenovo Legion phones are stunning, delivering vibrant colors and a consistently stellar visual experience. Gain the upper hand with ultra-fast touch latency and experience incredibly fluid and blur-free gameplay with its 144Hz refresh rate. With the FHD+ AMOLED display and dual front-facing stereo speakers, you can now see and hear the enemy coming your way in vivid detail. 

  • Dual front-facing stereo speakers
  • 240Hz touch sampling rate

Horizontal Pop-up Camera

A live broadcast room you can take with you anywhere 

Never miss your moment of glory, with the first horizontal, front-facing, pop-up camera that you can activate in 0.5 seconds. Armed with 20MP resolution, quad-mic noise cancellation, background-removal, and beautification software, you can now optimize your live streaming anywhere, anytime. 

  • Two rear-facing cameras (64MP ultra-high-definition + 16MP ultra-wide-angle)
  • Wi-Fi 6 & 5G connectivity


Desktop Gameplay Mode, Keyboard & Mouse Keymapping 

The power of Lenovo Legion on the big screen

Expand your gaming experience to the desktop with a type-C connector hub and keyboard and mouse keymapping. Turn it into a game console with gamepad support via cable or Bluetooth. 

  • Seamless expansion to desktop-style gameplay


Every hero needs a sidekick

Manage and access your entire library of games on Legion Realm. And personalize your phone’s performance with Legion Assistant, a dashboard you can summon to see real-time metrics or to activate “Overclocking” mode. 

  • Legion Realm 
  • Legion Assistant

Here are some popular Mobile Games you can play on Lenovo Legion

telo GameZ Lenovo Legion at a glance

  • World’s first deep customized horizontal UI
  • Dual batteries and Dual Type-C 90W Turbo Charging 
  • Dual liquid, mid-thermal floating cooling system
  • World’s first Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 Plus processor
  • 4D motion-sensing control
  • Side-mounted charging port
  • 33ms touch latency with 240Hz touch sampling rate 
  • 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate
  • FHD AMOLED display with Dolby Vision™
  • Dual front-facing 3X stereo speakers
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • First horizontal, front-facing, pop-up camera
  • Ready for live streaming gameplay anytime, anywhere
  • Wi-Fi 6 and 5G
  • Desktop gameplay mode (keyboard and mouse keymapping enabled)
  • Dedicated game launchpad (Legion Realm) and assistant (Legion Assistant) for an optimized experience


Truly a performance beast, revolutionize your gaming experience with telo GameZ Lenovo Legion phone. Level up to the next big mobile gaming technology to play like a champion

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Pre-order valid from 26th November till 2nd December.


Get Kafu Games App – Largest Gaming Community Platform in MENA

Download the Kafu Games app – Saudi platform hosting biggest Esports tournaments

Over the past decade, esports has taken the youth by storm. All teens and tweens have to talk about are PUBG, FIFA, Fortnite, and other popular video games. Now they’re raving about Kafu Games!

The esports business is considered one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world and Saudi Arabia is no less.

Presenting the Kafu Games app, a homegrown Saudi gaming platform hosting the biggest Esports tournaments in the KSA and MENA region. 

A product of Hala Yalla, the ultimate social community platform of Saudi Arabia, the Kafu Games app provides the most immersive online gaming experience for all Esports fans out there. 

Submit your scores, invite team members, receive live notifications, share your victories on social media, and a lot more. If you’re passionate about playing and competing in the hottest tournaments, the app has everything you need. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player, an amateur, or a registered professional. The only eligibility is the burning passion of egaming!

Console placed on yellow background
grab that and get gaming

Tournaments on Kafu Games

Experience true Esports tournaments for all the world-famous titles, run by the biggest organizers in the gaming world. 


And run multiple Esports tournaments for every game. Fully automated system with a variety of efficient tools to manage players and host any game smoothly.

Read more about Organizing Corporate Esports tournaments for your company here


Get rewarded with massive prize pools for each tournament from organizers and mega sponsors. 

You can find matches and tournaments for the biggest game titles like FIFA, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, R6S, Apex legends, COD, and much more right at your fingertips.

With a history of hosting over 12,000 games for +350,000 players, we’ve created an app with smoother than ever features and fully automated, efficient tools to manage and host tournaments. 

Other features on the app include:

  • Match Schedules
  • Score Submission
  • Tournament Brackets & Standings
  • Reminders & Notifications (So you never miss a tournament)
  • Team Selection
  • Profile Management 
  • Personalized Avatars

And much more!

Gamers Without Borders

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, Kafu Games gathered millions of gamers for a good cause by hosting this year’s Gamers Without Borders (GWB), presented by SAFIES.

It’s 7 weeks of non-stop tournaments and play-as-you-go matches for gamers in Saudi Arabia with $2 million worth of giveaways in prizes. 

Gamers Without Borders banner

Game for a Good Cause

Kafu Games is uniting and connecting the gaming world in the battle against Covid-19.

In addition to the elite winning teams of GWB donating $10 million to charities and organizations leading the fight against the global pandemic, anyone who games, watches, or learns can contribute by donating to organizations such as KSRelief, Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance, Direct Relief, UNICEF, and more.

Kafu Games also hosted the biggest esports season by SAFEIS and STC in April 2020, for more than half a million riyals of prize pools. Over 23,130 players competed in multiple tournaments of PUBG, FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

Kafu Games app is dedicated to bringing you the best in competitive gaming whether it’s local, GCC, MENA, or even global.

Become a part of this journey and download the elite gaming app. The Kafu Games app is available on the App Store and Play Store.



Top 7 benefits of playing esports

Learn How Playing eSports Impacts Your Life

Gone are the days when people considered video games a “waste of time and money”. Now it’s recognized as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world, and people have started to see the benefits of esports.

The popularity of esports is only growing and it has become impossible to ignore it!

Researchers have shown that playing esports can be beneficial in a lot of ways. This is why the culture of e-gaming is increasing rapidly throughout the world.

Let’s list down a few benefits of esports.


Studies show that gamers are more responsive and receptive than people who don’t play at all. 

According to the PlosOne journal research done on Super Mario players shows that gaming helps in the better functioning of the part of the brain which controls reflex activity and muscular activity. 

It also improves hand-eye coordination. It means that gamers are better able to do activities that take in information through visuals (eyes) and guide their hands to carry out a movement. 

man playing on PC

Critical Thinking

During a game, gamers need to make quick decisions. It requires players to take in information, process it, analyze it, and make decisions, all within a time span of a few seconds. 

Gaming also demands to think from the opponent’s perspective. Gamers have to make a plan while keeping in mind their opponent’s weaknesses and strengths. 

Making quick and strategic decisions is the key to winning any game!

happy brain.
Happy brain

Memory Capacity

According to research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) America, expert gamers often outperform non-players on basic attention and performance grounds. They usually have a longer attention span and good photographic memory. 

Above mentioned study also shows that expert gamers and non-gamers differ from each other on the basic cognitive skills as well. The gamers are better at short-term memory and more efficient at switching tasks.

Since they’re more focused, they perform better in schools as well. 

human above brain
Healthy brain


If you’re a gamer in a team of any educational institution, you’ll be recognized as an athlete and granted esports scholarships. 

According to a gaming industry analysis company Newzoo, the global eSports revenue has seen a rise of up to 27% in a year. It means that the prize money available for the winners is increasing dramatically. 

The winners can earn up to $200,000 in a single game. Some global competitions, like Dota 2 or FIFA, can help the winning team earn up to $10 million. 

Isn’t this enough motivation?

During the lockdown, Kafu Games brings you online tournaments. Join the tournaments of FIFA, PUBG, and Overwatch to win prizes up to 25,000 SAR.

Kafu Games bannerSocial skills

Social skills are important to function in any society. 

While playing, gamers have to interact with their teammates and coaches which helps them in the development of their personality. 

They learn to refrain from interrupting others and learn to share their ideas effectively. 

Participation in esports provides an environment to learn and practice these important skills. 

friends playing FIFA
friends playing FIFA

Multi-Tasking Skills

Multi-tasking is one skill that generally everybody aspires to have.

According to Science Direct research, multi-tasking ability can be improved through video games.

With practice, gamers are able to do different actions with each hand at the same time.


Esports is a pastime with entertainment and fun. 

Who wouldn’t like the idea of earning while playing without getting hurt? Huh?

People playing egames
People playing egames

Execute the benefits of esports! Join the community of gamers and stay updated with Kafu Games.

Download the Hala Yalla app and stay updated on the sports events happening around you

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Future of eSports in Saudi Arabia

Kafu is the future of eSports in KSA

Who can deny the fact that technology is the future?!

It’s here and we’re living it!

In this digital world, esports is a new popular culture. Every millennial has set his hands on consoles to never put it back.

The online gaming business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. According to market research firm Newzoo, the online gaming industry is growing at a rate of 13% annually. Now it’s worth as much as $138 billion. 

The Middle East has one of the fastest-growing communities of online gamers. In the region, Saudi Arabia is the largest market, as 70% of the population is youth. The user representation is 5.9% as of now, but it’ll grow to 6.1% by 2024.

Just in 2020, the revenue in the online games segment amounts to $18 million in Saudi Arabia. It’s expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.9% and the market will generate $22 million by 2024.

The stats show the future is Egaming!


How is it happening? 

In Saudi Arabia, the esports business is booming due to multiple platforms, tournaments, and some outclass players.

Kafu Games, by Hala Yalla, is the ultimate Esports hub in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, responsible for hosting the biggest Esports tournaments in the Kingdom. It’s immersive online gaming for all fans out there. It has a place for everybody, from amateurs to professionals and gamers to organizers.  

Our team is made up of gamers, nerds, techies, and dreamers. We love what we do and are dedicated to bringing you the best in competitive gaming. Whether it’s local, GCC, MENA, or even global, we’ve got tournaments for everyone.

The Ministry of Sports has partnered with Kafu Games to organize different local and regional esports tournaments. In the past, Kafu has organized regional successful tournaments like GSA esports cup in 2018,  Pyramids E-championship in Dec 2018,  and many more.

Consoles and screen
Person playing FIFA

GSA FIFA 18 Cup: 

In 2018, Kafu powered GSA FIFA 18 Cup. The tournament was the qualifying round for the FIFA eWorld Cup. 

Held in Jeddah, the cup was open to citizens and residents of Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. The players were competing for a prize pool of 1,000,000 SAR.

Kafu Games organized the first live-streamed FIFA 18 eSports tournament in the Kingdom with the collaboration of the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) and Global eSports Resources (GER).

It was a multi-game tournament conducted in 2 phases for 8000 players. Kafu Games flawlessly provided the complete management of the brackets and appeal system for both online and offline phases. 

FIFA players competed in a cross-console competition with an equal number of PlayStation and Xbox players.

Kafu FIFA banner
Kafu FIFA banner

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Cup

In addition to FIFA tournaments, Kafu Games has also successfully organized other eSports tournaments like PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Cup. This tournament was a part of Riyadh Season. At Riyadh front, from 12 -14 Dec 2019, the players competed to win a total of  SR1 million ($267,000).

32 teams took part in the competition. 16 came from MENA regions and the other 16 came from other regions of the world. 

Team Unique won $100,000 for the first position. The runner up ‘RRQ Athena’ won $60,00. The third position came to Team Queso who went home with $30,000.

game logo
game logo

Kafu Games is the future of esports!

Organizing some biggest tournaments in the region has given Kafu Games the confidence to say that ‘We are the future’!

Be a part of the future, join the Kafu Egaming community.

Download the Hala Yalla app to stay updated on the sports events happening around you.

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