Learn Quran with Mariam in Ramadan

Spend this Ramadan learning Quran

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said, “The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be the honorable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Quran and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have a double reward.” 

Learn how to read the Quran perfectly this Ramadan, in our online interactive, live-stream class with Mariam.

About the instructor

Mariam is a professional teacher who has memorized the Holy Quran. She studied from AL-Azhar Al-Shareef. She has experience teaching Quran to Arabic and non-Arabic speaking students.

Given the lockdown situation, she is giving an online live Quran class. Book on Hala Yalla’s app so you can improve your Quranic recitation in no time.

The class will be a private one-on-one online training session with the instructor. In a private session, she’ll provide the following services:

  • Recitation: Learn to recite properly
  • Tajweed: Acquire skills to recite with proper rules & correct pronunciation
  • Qaidah Nouraniyah Classes: A beginners guide to learn Quranic Arabic

Who can join?

This private session is for females and children only. A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

Here’s the link to book a learn Quran online.


Learn Quran.
Learn to recite properly

Stay productive at home and learn Quran recitation. Book the live Quran class through the Hala Yalla app.

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Guitar Workshop for Beginners – Join & Learn

How to Learn Guitar at Home?

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


If you’d like to be most productive and relaxed at home, learn to play music. Music is the language of the soul, a creative beginning. 

In an online live session on our Hala Yalla app, learn to play the guitar step by step from basics by a professional instructor.

Who is the instructor & what do you learn?

Muhamed Saleh is an experienced professional in the field of music. He’ll teach you how to play guitar, different types of chords ‘minor and major’, music scale with a lot of fun imbibed. The workshop will incorporate left and right-hand exercises.

In an interactive one-on-one session with the music instructor, you’ll learn to play your favorite instrument in no time and with amazing efficiency. 

Click the link below to join the session now


Play guitar
Learn to play

A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

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Learn to Play Music with Rashid & Stay Productive at Home

Join Live Online Session to Learn Music Instruments

Since it’s easy to lose motivation in a monotonous routine we’ve lost our productivity while living our life in lockdown.

No matter how hard it can get to stay productive, we can still pull ourselves up and start to live productively.

If you want to stay productive at home, believe in the magical power of instruments and join the live music class through the Hala Yalla app.

Who’s the Instructor?

Learn to play instruments from a professional in the field of music with more than 17 years of expertise. Learn to play the guitar, harmonium, and piano from Rashid.

He will train for songs in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu.


To learn music online choose the date and time that suits you best. In an interactive one on one session with the music instructor, you’ll learn to play your favorite instrument. 

man playing piano
learn to play

Book one on one live session in just 100 SAR. A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

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Stay Calm through Yoga – Join Live Yoga Classes

Heal your Soul with Yoga in Lockdown. Join Live Yoga Classes

Yoga is not just a fitness routine, it’s also a spiritual practice that teaches to open heart and sharpen focus on the question of existence and life. It brings wisdom and enhances the quality of life. 

In this chaotic time, let your soul speak the language of peace. Learn yoga to stay calm in lockdown. Learn different types of yoga from a certified instructor.

About Yoga Instructor

Masheal Fatima is a yoga instructor from India who has been training in Saudi Arabia since 2017. 

Learn yoga from her in a live private session. She will teach these types of yoga:

  1. Hatha Yoga: Traditionally begins with meditation and breathwork
  2. Vinyasa Flow: The focus is on alignment, breath, and special emphasis on a proper technique that helps you refine your form
  3. Restorative Yoga: A soothing sequence that will make you feel centered and renewed
  4. Yin Yoga: A slow-paced style of yoga, poses are held for longer periods of time to target the deep tissue in the body
  5. Power Yoga: A fitness sequence using bodyweight to build full-body strength
  6. Prenatal Yoga: Helps pregnant women develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor
  7. Kids Yoga / Cosmic Yoga: Improves relaxation, concentration, and a sense of calmness

Choose what type of yoga you’d like to practice and click the link below to book the session.


Man doing yoga
Flex it!

Book one on one live session in just 100 SAR. A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

Yoga workout at home, join live yoga classes through the Hala Yalla app. Download the app now for more activities of sports, entertainment, food, and much more.

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Keep Yourself in Shape with Fitness with Dr. Basel

Join the live online session and learn how stay fit

There is no other precious gift than a physically active and fit body that you give to yourself. Keep yourself in shape and enjoy this priceless gift.

Even in lockdown, don’t lose motivation and stay fit. Don’t let lockdown ruin your body shape. Workout at home and keep up with your fitness.

If you are looking for a fitness trainer, we’ve got your back. Book the online classes with Dr. Basel and keep your body balance, flexibility, and strength.

About Dr. Basel

Dr. Basel is a pharmacist and a fitness enthusiast. He’s an ambitious fitness and health trainer. He’ll give lessons on bodybuilding and take you on the journey of fitness.

Take fitness suggestions from a professional like him in a private live session. Book one on one session through the Hala Yalla app for only 70 SAR.

Click the link below to book the private session


Body building
Man working out

After booking, a secured link will be shared for the live stream meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

Join fitness body workouts in live fitness classes.

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Lose 1000 Calories with Fadel Alhamed and Stay Fit

How to lose 1000 Calories?

If you’re wondering, “how many calories should I lose a day?” Join the live fitness classes by Fadel Alhamed through the Hala Yalla app and lose your weight.

About Instructor

Fadel Alhamed is an experienced trainer. He’s specialized in modern methods of resistance exercises including burning fat and tightening cellulite. He trains to increase muscle mass and body strength. 

In a private class, he’ll train in raising cardiac respiratory fitness, burning abdominal fat, and cracking visceral fat from the abdomen that is harmful to the heart and liver.

Book the private one on one live sessions through the Hala Yalla app at 150 SAR to stay fit. Work hard in lockdown and let your fitness make noise after quarantine. 

Click the link below to book the live session and learn how to lose weight.


Man holding dumbbells
can you lift that?

After booking, a secured link will be shared for the live stream meeting. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

To work out at home, join the live fitness classes. 

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UNESCO’s 5 Saudi World Heritage Sites you need to visit

Visit these 5 Saudi World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

History leaves its mark in the form of architecture, culture, and arts. Each of these forms asks for preservation. But one thing that still remains even after centuries is the art. Preserved in the form of these 5 Saudi World Heritage Sites.

Saudi Arabia is a relatively young country when it comes to history. Its history starts from the 1700s but history in Saudi Arabia dates back to 125,000 years.  

The places, architecture, Saudi heritage, and ruins of history are well preserved and well maintained so that the stories of the past could be passed on from one generation to the next, in its perfect form.

There are many historic and pre-historic places in Saudi Arabia. UN acknowledges 5 of these places and lists them in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Read about these 5 gems in Saudi Arabia…

1. Al- Hijr Archeological Site (Madain Saleh)

Saudi World Heritage Site - Madain Saleh

In 2008, Al- Hijr Archeological Site was the first Saudi destination to make the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in the Hejaz region, Madain Saleh’s monumental tombs with decorated facades tell stories dating back to the 1st century BC. It features 111 tombs and water wells. 94 of the tombs have inscriptions and cave drawings.

The ancient name of the site was Hegra. Nabataean Kingdom was the first inhabitants who lived from 1st BC- 1st CE. 

2. At- Turaif District (Ad Diriyah)

Diriyah's architecture

Right in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, Ad- Diriyah is the oldest city of modern Saudi Arabia. It was the first capital of the first Saudi dynasty (1744 to 1818). 

In 2010, the site was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the old Najdi architectural style buildings and forts, which is specific to this site only. The site also includes the remains of many ancient palaces on the outskirts of Riyadh- the current capital of Saudi Arabia. 

The site has mud-brick structures from the 15th century that are still intact. These places include Salwa Palace, Saad bin Saud Palace, and Imam Mohammad bin Saud Mosque.

Read about mysterious and unique places in Saudi Arabia here

3. Historic Jeddah

Old buildings in historic Jeddah

The city dates back to the pre-Islamic era as an important place across different civilizations. The gateway to Makkah, Historic Jeddah served as a major port with several trade routes, welcoming pilgrims. 

Located on the eastern shore of the Red Sea, the history of these buildings date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Some notable buildings are Roshan tower houses and Ribats. 

The Old Jeddah Wall is the most distinctive structure in Historic Jeddah. The wall was built to protect the city from external threats.

Historic Jeddah was added to the UNESCO list in 2014.

4. Rock Art in Hail

Rock carvings in Hail

In the Hail province, two sites are archeological assets of the Kingdom.

The rock art of the Hail region is located at the Jebel Umm Sinman hill range. The site has large sandstones that have carvings and inscriptions on the faces of the rocks. There are human figures and animals drawing on the stones.

According to UNESCO, these drawings were made using stone hammers by the ancestors of today’s Arab population.

In 2015 this rock art became the fourth site from Saudi Arabia to make it to the list of World Heritage Sites. 

5. Al- Ahsa Oasis

Bird-eye view of Al-Ahsa Oasis

Al- Ahsa Oasis is the largest oasis in the world for its 3 million trees. 

The oasis has a number of gardens, canals, springs, wells, and a drainage lake. In addition to these natural resources, the site also has historical buildings and archeological sites. 

It’s the largest governorate in east Saudi Arabia representing 20% of the Kingdom’s area. 

The strategic, geographical, and historical location of Al- Ahsa oasis made it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2018. This site also serves as a connection between ancient and modern Arab civilizations. 

Sites on UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ Tentative List:

These are the Saudi places the UN is considering nominating for the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

1. Al-Faw Pre-Islamic City in Central Arabia

On the outskirts of the Empty Quarters, this site has strategic importance. It exists on the ancient trade route heading from south of the Arabian Peninsula to the Arabian Gulf.

2. Darb Zubayda

To visit the Islamic Holy Sites, people from all over the world came to Makkah through this route. Darb Zubayda was the most important ancient travel and trade route.

3. The Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands consists of over 170 islands and islets of coral reefs. It’s 40- 90 km offshore the south-eastern coast of the Kingdom. 

4. Hejaz Railway

During Ottoman rule, Hejaz Railway was built for travel and trade.  It was built by Sultan Abdulhameed II in 1909. The purpose of the construction was to provide better transportation to the people visiting Islamic Holy Sites. A number of stations are located in the Kingdom but the most prominent stations are in Tabuk, Madain Saleh, and Madinah.

5. Bir Hima- a rock art site in Najran

Bir Hima is a rock art site in Southwest Saudi Arabia. The stone carving belongs to the stone age period (2500- 1000 BC). The area is known for ancient diverse rock art on the faces of the mountains and ancient writings in the Arabian Musnad script.  

In addition to the above-stated sites, ‘Uruq Bani Mu’arid Protected Area’, ‘Dumat Al-Jandal Historical Oasis in Al- Jawf Region’, ‘Egyptian Hajj Road’, ‘Rijal Almaa Heritage Village in Asir Region’ and ‘Syrian Hajj Road’ are also in the tentative list. 

Saudi Arabia is a historical country with modern infrastructure and technology. It offers you a fusion of the 21st century and the 1st millennium in one place. 

Visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and experience history with a twist of modernity with Hala Yalla. Stay updated with the local community, book experiences, events and be part of Saudi culture.

Download the Hala Yalla app now!



Top 7 Natural landscapes in KSA that’ll Leave You in Awe

Top 7 God gifted Natural landscapes in Saudi Arabia

“What’s there to visit Saudi Arabia? There’s just desert.”

You might have heard this question quite a lot and thought to yourself, is it really true?

Well, It’s not!

The truth is, nature has blessed Saudi Arabia with unique natural landscapes, mountains, deserts, and sunny beaches.

Here’s a list of the top 7 natural landscapes in Saudi Arabia that you should visit.

Edge of the World

A natural wall that stands tall on the outskirts of Riyadh is a geological wonder that attracts many tourists throughout the year.

From the top of the cliff, you’ll enjoy an uninterrupted view of the horizon, hence the name!

Standing at the top you’ll notice desert in the distance, a few farms, and camels moving far below.  

The site is famous for off-roading and hiking.  It’s recommended to go in an SUV and stay attentive to the potholes and rocks on the way.

Edge of the world.

Half Moon Bay 

Located in the Al-Khobar city, half-moon bay on the Persian Gulf is the perfect spot for a nice sunny day.

The beach is a popular recreation spot for families. It has palm trees, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and a play area for kids.

Relax on the white sand or take a dip in the sea. You can also go scuba diving in the Persian Gulf. 

Half moon beach
Half-moon beach

Red Sand Dunes

1 hour away from the hustle-bustle of the city, red sand dunes are a peaceful spot. 

The red sand of the desert invites you to enjoy the winter evenings. You can rent motorbikes and enjoy the desert safari.

Red Sand Dunes is also famous by the name ‘the hidden valley’. As mountains and cliffs hide it from the city.

Red sand dunes
Red sand dunes

Jabal Qara

The Jabal Qara caves are located a few kilometers away from the main city of Hofuf.

The mountains in which the caves are located stand 75 meters high, with a flow of air inside. No matter how hot the weather may be outside, the inside of the caves remains cold.

These natural caves have a highly distinctive shape as they were formed by subaerial weathering rather than dissolution.

These caves are also associated with the popular folk tale in Arabian nights- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Jabal Qara caves
Jabal Qara caves

The Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands in Jizan is a spot that you should visit. It’ll be a refreshing and serene tour that you’ll rejoice in all your life.

It’s the archipelago of 84 islands located about 50 km offshore Jizan in the Red Sea. Ferries and local small boats are used on this route to carry tourists.

The crystal-clear Azure water is rich in underwater wildlife and carols reefs.

The mangrove forests, Ottoman fort, Beit Refai, and Qassar heritage Village are few other places to visit on Farasan islands beside beaches. Most of these places are located on the main Farasan island, but you can take a tour of other smaller islands as well. 

benches at the beach
benches at the beach

Elephant Rock

In the middle of Al-Ula plains, there stands a cliff that is as tall as a three-story building. The cliff has a unique shape of the body of an elephant and a slimmer trunk.

This site is becoming the latest tourist attraction. 

If you look around in the plains you’ll notice that elephant rock isn’t the only rock that’ll leave you with invoke your imagination!

Elephant rock
Elephant rock

Al-Ahsa Oasis

60km inland from the coast of the Persian Gulf, Al-Ahsa is the largest self-contained oasis in the world. 

The oasis is home to over 2.5 million date palms. In 2018, this place became a World Heritage site.

In the Oasis there are gardens, canals, springs, wells, drainage lakes, as well as historical buildings and archeological sites.

Al-Ahsa Oasis.
Al-Ahsa Oasis

Take a tour of these places and stay updated with Hala Yalla. Download the app to book a tour of natural landscapes and other places you like.

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Ramadan Hacks: How to Spend Ramadan at Home?

Top 7 Do’s to Spend Ramadan at Home

This year, Ramadan is going to be a different experience without outdoor iftar gatherings and congregational prayers. However, the thirty days of fasting would serve the spiritual filling of the month.

The opportunity to spend Ramadan in the quarantine may become a blessing in disguise. Considering the amount of time we have to obey and worship Allah. 

Observing Ramadan at home might become our new favorite thing because of the list of things we can do at home.

Here are some tips on how to spend Ramadan. Top 7 dos  that can serve as Ramadan hacks:

Be Considerate to others

Showing consideration becomes more important in the month of Ramadan. Take care of the ones around you. 

  • When buying groceries, think of people who can’t enjoy these luxuries in the pandemic. Help them if you can
  • If you’re not fasting, for whatever reason, don’t eat in front of people who are fasting. Show empathy to those who are fasting
  • Help your mothers in the kitchen rather than lazing around. Clean up after yourself

Take part in the charity

Charity is one of the five pillars of Islam and is particularly significant during Ramadan and Eid.  

Especially at this time, when there are more people in need than people who can help. If you’re privileged enough to help others, help! 

There are so many organizations that are helping those in need. Donate in these organizations and take your part in making lives better.

Donate as much as you can

Read the Holy Quran

The Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Reported in Al Bukhari]

Ramadan is the month of the Quran. Recite as much Quran as you can and gain rewards.  Quran will provide you the answers you’re looking for and relieve your anxiety and stress. 

Spend your time learning the Quran and understanding it. 

Take care of your fitness

Maintaining fitness becomes difficult and crucial in the month of Ramadan. As you refrain from eating and drinking most of the day and laze around all day. 

Exercise and keep yourself in shape. work out at home to stay fit.

Stay hydrated

It’s difficult to stay hydrated when you’re not allowed to drink most of the day. So after iftar put an extra effort to drink water.

Rather than drinking any other drinks (soft drinks and juices), drink water. Do yourself a favor and put a conscious effort to drink the required amount of water. Don’t stress your body out with dehydration.

glass of water
glass of water

Stay calm

We all agree that these are stressful times. We’re experiencing things that we didn’t want to experience. In the same manner, this Ramdan is also different from what we knew. 

The good news is, this too shall pass. So stop stressing yourself out. Practice yoga and stay calm in Ramadan so you can focus on your prayers.

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

Try new dishes

Ramadan brings an excuse to eat together. Grace your iftar table with different new dishes.

Learn to make new dishes every week in a private live stream session. Book one on one session cooking class through the Hala Yalla app.


Saute skillet beside spoon of spices and vegetable
Saute skillet beside spoon of spices and vegetable

A secured link will be shared for the live stream before the session. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

Spend your Ramadan actively. Download the app today on Android or iOS

Kafu Games hosts Gamers Without Borders worth $2million prizes

Millions of gamers worldwide came together for a cause in this year’s Gamers Without Borders (GWB) presented by SAFEIS and hosted on Kafu Games, Hala Yalla’s ultimate esports platform for organizing, running, and managing online esports tournaments.

Kafu Games hosts 7 weeks of non-stop tournaments for gamers in Saudi Arabia with $2 million worth of giveaways in prizes. ESL, an international esports company, managed the global tournament with a $10 million prize fund which the winners will give to one of many international charities like WHO, KSRelief, Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance, and Direct Relief fighting on the front-line against the spread of coronavirus. 



Apex Legends Tournament Banner at Gamers Without Borders

Started on 22nd April, the Gamers Without Borders season went on till 7th June on Kafu Games. Registrations were open for seven weeks of back-to-back daily and weekly tournaments on Kafu Games including solo, duo, and team championships for world-famous games like FIFA 20, PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch and more. Exclusive giveaways worth $2 million were provided by SAFEIS for gamers in Saudi Arabia. 



Some of the GWB tournaments were live-streamed on a separate portal created especially for the event. Watch your favorite gamers competing against each other here



The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology also launched a learning portal called ‘The Academy: GWB’ for gaming webinars, prized hackathons, and training programs for all gamers participating in GWB. 

Kafu Games hosted the biggest esports season by SAFEIS and STC in April, for more than half a million riyals of prize pools. Over 23,130 players competed in multiple tournaments of PUBG, FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. 

SAFEIS choosing Kafu Games to host this year’s GWB season is a  prime example of the government supporting Saudi entrepreneurs and businesses as part of the pillars of Vision 2030. 

With it’s widening global reach and support from the Saudi government, Kafu Games aims to build an arena for esports as massive as regular sports, which in turn will develop and strengthen the growing gaming community.

Kafu Games is built and designed by yours truly, Hala Yalla, the super team behind the technology that has powered many of the biggest sports and entertainment events in the Kingdom over the past 2 years (Jeddah Season, Diriyah Season, WWE, Baloot Championship, Formula E and more). 


Join the biggest online tournaments and get the most immersive Esports experience right at your fingertips on the Kafu Games App, available for iOS and Android! Compete & win esports tournaments, wherever you are.

Download the app now👇