Join Live Art Classes To Learn Music and Dance!

Join live art classes to dance to the rhythm of musical instruments

If you want to stay calm in quarantine, join these live-stream creative art classes on Hala Yalla.

It’s said, music can change moods. Try it in quarantine with the Hala Yalla creative art classes. Learn to express your soul through dance and music.

So, book any (or all) art classes of your choice through the Hala Yalla app.

Salsa Dance

Learn the Salsa dance in a live stream class. 

The training is offered by the Latin Dance Professional who is also an active member of the Riyadh Salsa community. You can join the class with your partner or even solo.

Join the live sessions and learn to dance in Quarantine.

Dance training with Reem

The professional dancer is starting live dance classes. Join the class and tap your feet to the rhythm. Learn to dance your worries away.

She is offering dance classes in

  1. HipHop
  2. Afrobeat
  3. Zumba

Learn to dance from a professional choreographer in Quarantine.

Man practicing dance movements

Music with Rashid

Learn to play instruments from a professional in the field of music. He has more than 17 years of expertise. Learn the art of music from Rashid in an interactive live art class.

He’ll teach you to play –

  1. Guitar 
  2. Harmonium
  3. Piano

Join the live sessions and learn to play instruments in quarantine.

Guitar workshop for beginners

Muhamed Saleh is an experienced professional in the field of music. He’ll teach you how to play guitar from scratch. Learn different types of chords ‘minor and major’ and music scale. In addition to that, he’ll give both right and left-hand exercises. 

Learn the art of music from Mohammed.

Book the creative art classes you like from the app to enjoy the discount.

At the meeting time, a secured link will be shared for the live stream art classes. For the best streaming experience, kindly ensure your internet connection has a bandwidth of 3.2 Mbps.

To enjoy the remote learning experience, download the Hala Yalla app on Android or iOS


Join Live Fitness Classes And Stay Fit in Quarantine!

Join Live Fitness Classes through Hala Yalla App.

You’re upset that gyms are closed given the COVID-19 situation, and you can’t follow your workout at home? Worry not. Hala Yalla is Offering Live Fitness Classes So You Yan Stick to your strict regimen at home!

Meet the fitness instructors in our live stream classes and stay fit during the lockdown.

Book any of the following experiences through the Hala Yalla app.

1000 Calories with Fadel Alhamed

Fadel Alhamed is an experienced trainer. He’s specialized in modern methods of resistance exercises. This includes burning fat, tightening cellulite, increasing muscle mass, and increasing body strength.

He’ll provide training for:

  • Raising cardiac respiratory fitness
  • Burning abdominal fat
  • Cracking visceral fat from the abdomen that is harmful to the heart and liver

Join the live sessions and stay fit in Quarantine.

Yoga with Masheal

Masheal Fatima is a certified yoga instructor from India. She is giving yoga classes in Saudi Arabia since 2017.

She provides instructions on various types of yoga including:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Kids Yoga

In the midst of this chaos, find the calm in yoga. Join a live session to start living a healthier lifestyle with your friends and family.

Fitness with Dr.Basel

Dr. Basel is an ambitious fitness and health instructor. He is giving live sessions so you can continue your workout from home. He’ll teach bodybuilding and give fitness instructions. 

Join the live sessions and stay fit.

Download the Hala Yalla app to enjoy the discounts on these live fitness classes.

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Top 5 esports Tournament in KSA

Popular E-Sports Tournament in KSA

Over the past decade, esports has become a popular sport that has taken the youth by storm.

ESports business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. According to research conducted by Newzoo, the online gaming industry is growing at a rate of 13% annually. Furthermore, it’s net worth is around $138 billion now.

In the 21st century, Egamers are athletes. Their tournaments are arranged with enthusiasm and excitement.

Like most of the world, the culture of e-gaming is increasing in Saudi Arabia as well. The country has the fastest-growing community of e-gamers in the world. 

Acknowledging the growing community of e-gamers, the Ministry of Sports is hosting many e-sports tournaments in the kingdom. Also, These tournaments help the Kingdom to achieve its Vision 2030 goals.

Here’s a list of tournaments that the Ministry of Sports is hosting to encourage widespread participation in sports. 

GSA e-sports cup

Ministry of Sports hosted the first e-sports cup in Riyadh with the cooperation of Kafu Games and the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) in March 2018.

Participants competed in FIFA, Tekken, Overwatch, League of Legends, Mario Kart and other games. 

More than 2,000 players from around the world competed over a prize pool of SR1,000,000 Saudi riyals.

Esports Cup logo
Esports Cup logo

Insomnia Saudi

The UK’s biggest gaming festival came to Riyadh in November 2019 at the Riyadh front.

The participants took part in PC games, console games, tabletop games, retro gaming, VR, and much more.  

In this four-day festival, participants played FIFA, tekken7, Fortnite, Overwatch, and others.

For this event, the tickets were available at Hala Yala tickets.

Insomnia Saudi logo
Insomnia Saudi logo

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019

PUBG has attracted a huge number of young people towards itself since its creation. 

Giving PUBG the due acknowledgment, the Ministry of Sports hosted the biggest PUBG tournament. This tournament was a part of Riyadh Season held at Riyadh front from 12 -14 Dec 2019. The players competed to win a total of  SR1 million ($267,000).

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge logo
PUBG Mobile Star Challenge logo

GSA FIFA eSports Cup

In 2018, Kafu Games organized the first live-streamed GSA FIFA 18 cup. This tournament was the qualifying round for the FIFA eWorld Cup. 

Held in Jeddah, the cup was open for residents of Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. Esports gamers played on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and were competing for the prize pool of 1,000,000 SAR.

Kafu Games organized the FIFA 18 eSports tournament in the Kingdom with the collaboration of SAFEIS and Global eSports Resources (GER).

It was a multi-game tournament conducted in 2 phases for 8000 players. Kafu flawlessly provided the complete management of the brackets and appeal system for both online and offline phases. 

GSA FIFA 18 Cup logo
GSA FIFA 18 Cup logo

Overwatch Arab tournament

Organized by Challenge Arena, the Overwatch Arab Tournament took place in January 2019.

In this six-day tournament, 64 teams played on the system of single elimination. 

Furthermore, the participants competed for a prize pool of SR 15,000.

man playing esports
man playing esports

In order to organize more tournaments like these, Kafu Games has come forward to take the charge.

Kafu Games, by Hala Yalla, is the hub of eSports in Saudi Arabia and the MENA. It’s bringing different online tournaments for Egaming enthusiasts.

If you don’t want to miss the updates on sports and tournaments around you, Join the Kafu Games community.

Download the Hala Yalla app and stay updated about the sports tournament happening around you

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Top 7 benefits of playing esports

Learn How Playing eSports Impacts Your Life

Gone are the days when people considered video games a “waste of time and money”. Now it’s recognized as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world, and people have started to see the benefits of esports.

The popularity of esports is only growing and it has become impossible to ignore it!

Researchers have shown that playing esports can be beneficial in a lot of ways. This is why the culture of e-gaming is increasing rapidly throughout the world.

Let’s list down a few benefits of esports.


Studies show that gamers are more responsive and receptive than people who don’t play at all. 

According to the PlosOne journal research done on Super Mario players shows that gaming helps in the better functioning of the part of the brain which controls reflex activity and muscular activity. 

It also improves hand-eye coordination. It means that gamers are better able to do activities that take in information through visuals (eyes) and guide their hands to carry out a movement. 

man playing on PC

Critical Thinking

During a game, gamers need to make quick decisions. It requires players to take in information, process it, analyze it, and make decisions, all within a time span of a few seconds. 

Gaming also demands to think from the opponent’s perspective. Gamers have to make a plan while keeping in mind their opponent’s weaknesses and strengths. 

Making quick and strategic decisions is the key to winning any game!

happy brain.
Happy brain

Memory Capacity

According to research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) America, expert gamers often outperform non-players on basic attention and performance grounds. They usually have a longer attention span and good photographic memory. 

Above mentioned study also shows that expert gamers and non-gamers differ from each other on the basic cognitive skills as well. The gamers are better at short-term memory and more efficient at switching tasks.

Since they’re more focused, they perform better in schools as well. 

human above brain
Healthy brain


If you’re a gamer in a team of any educational institution, you’ll be recognized as an athlete and granted esports scholarships. 

According to a gaming industry analysis company Newzoo, the global eSports revenue has seen a rise of up to 27% in a year. It means that the prize money available for the winners is increasing dramatically. 

The winners can earn up to $200,000 in a single game. Some global competitions, like Dota 2 or FIFA, can help the winning team earn up to $10 million. 

Isn’t this enough motivation?

During the lockdown, Kafu Games brings you online tournaments. Join the tournaments of FIFA, PUBG, and Overwatch to win prizes up to 25,000 SAR.

Kafu Games bannerSocial skills

Social skills are important to function in any society. 

While playing, gamers have to interact with their teammates and coaches which helps them in the development of their personality. 

They learn to refrain from interrupting others and learn to share their ideas effectively. 

Participation in esports provides an environment to learn and practice these important skills. 

friends playing FIFA
friends playing FIFA

Multi-Tasking Skills

Multi-tasking is one skill that generally everybody aspires to have.

According to Science Direct research, multi-tasking ability can be improved through video games.

With practice, gamers are able to do different actions with each hand at the same time.


Esports is a pastime with entertainment and fun. 

Who wouldn’t like the idea of earning while playing without getting hurt? Huh?

People playing egames
People playing egames

Execute the benefits of esports! Join the community of gamers and stay updated with Kafu Games.

Download the Hala Yalla app and stay updated on the sports events happening around you

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Future of eSports in Saudi Arabia

Kafu is the future of eSports in KSA

Who can deny the fact that technology is the future?!

It’s here and we’re living it!

In this digital world, esports is a new popular culture. Every millennial has set his hands on consoles to never put it back.

The online gaming business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. According to market research firm Newzoo, the online gaming industry is growing at a rate of 13% annually. Now it’s worth as much as $138 billion. 

The Middle East has one of the fastest-growing communities of online gamers. In the region, Saudi Arabia is the largest market, as 70% of the population is youth. The user representation is 5.9% as of now, but it’ll grow to 6.1% by 2024.

Just in 2020, the revenue in the online games segment amounts to $18 million in Saudi Arabia. It’s expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.9% and the market will generate $22 million by 2024.

The stats show the future is Egaming!


How is it happening? 

In Saudi Arabia, the esports business is booming due to multiple platforms, tournaments, and some outclass players.

Kafu Games, by Hala Yalla, is the ultimate Esports hub in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, responsible for hosting the biggest Esports tournaments in the Kingdom. It’s immersive online gaming for all fans out there. It has a place for everybody, from amateurs to professionals and gamers to organizers.  

Our team is made up of gamers, nerds, techies, and dreamers. We love what we do and are dedicated to bringing you the best in competitive gaming. Whether it’s local, GCC, MENA, or even global, we’ve got tournaments for everyone.

The Ministry of Sports has partnered with Kafu Games to organize different local and regional esports tournaments. In the past, Kafu has organized regional successful tournaments like GSA esports cup in 2018,  Pyramids E-championship in Dec 2018,  and many more.

Consoles and screen
Person playing FIFA

GSA FIFA 18 Cup: 

In 2018, Kafu powered GSA FIFA 18 Cup. The tournament was the qualifying round for the FIFA eWorld Cup. 

Held in Jeddah, the cup was open to citizens and residents of Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. The players were competing for a prize pool of 1,000,000 SAR.

Kafu Games organized the first live-streamed FIFA 18 eSports tournament in the Kingdom with the collaboration of the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) and Global eSports Resources (GER).

It was a multi-game tournament conducted in 2 phases for 8000 players. Kafu Games flawlessly provided the complete management of the brackets and appeal system for both online and offline phases. 

FIFA players competed in a cross-console competition with an equal number of PlayStation and Xbox players.

Kafu FIFA banner
Kafu FIFA banner

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Cup

In addition to FIFA tournaments, Kafu Games has also successfully organized other eSports tournaments like PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Cup. This tournament was a part of Riyadh Season. At Riyadh front, from 12 -14 Dec 2019, the players competed to win a total of  SR1 million ($267,000).

32 teams took part in the competition. 16 came from MENA regions and the other 16 came from other regions of the world. 

Team Unique won $100,000 for the first position. The runner up ‘RRQ Athena’ won $60,00. The third position came to Team Queso who went home with $30,000.

game logo
game logo

Kafu Games is the future of esports!

Organizing some biggest tournaments in the region has given Kafu Games the confidence to say that ‘We are the future’!

Be a part of the future, join the Kafu Egaming community.

Download the Hala Yalla app to stay updated on the sports events happening around you.

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Fun Things to Do while Social Distancing

Events are canceled. Riyadh boulevard is closed. Malls and restaurants are being shut down. And no one’s booking those balcony seats in the cinemas anymore.

The coronavirus – and the social distancing it’s warranting – has the world worried, and for all the right reasons. To keep yourself entertained and active, Netflix & chill is not the only option at your disposal.

While you’re in quarantine or working from home, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do while you maintain that social distance for COVID-19. Read on! 


  • Virtual Tours of Museums and Art Galleries

Did you know you can now take an inside tour of each gallery and ancient relic within a museum, all from your living room? I sure didn’t. 

Museums and art galleries around the world are closed due to safety reasons. But if you’ve ever wanted a virtual tour of these places, now’s the time!

From the State Hermitage Museum in Russia to the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with 500 such establishments for visitors to gain a virtual peek inside their doors. There are opportunities to browse exhibits with a 360 view within halls, along with pictures and detailed history behind each of them.


  • Free Online Classes from Ivy League Institutions

The world is truly your oyster when it comes to learning new things. Be it language, skill, or just something to give you that edge over others. 

While maintaining healthy social distancing, there are endless online courses and classes available on websites like Class Central. From business to humanities to personal development, choose your pick. Search “Harvard” alone for classes on law, psychology, literature, neurosciences, and beyond.


  • Esports Tournaments

This is for all the kickass gamers out there. To be honest, you don’t really need a situation like quarantine to play Esports, but this might be the best time to participate in our epic tournaments at Kafu Games!

If you’re staying at home, start playing at home. 

You can also organize a FIFA 20 tournament just for your employees and qualify for Saudi’s 1st National Corporate Esports Championship! Head over to Kafu Games for more information.

  • Reading, Watching – all out Binging!

Alright! Let’s finally address the elephant in the room – BINGING!

If your reading list is overflowing with new and old books, if your watch list sits staring at you every time you open Netflix, chances are you’re gonna have an entertained social distancing. 

This is, of course, the perfect time to catch up on all the new shows, movies, documentaries, books, albums and so much more! Truth be told, some of us are quite delighted to the idea of binging on food and shows right now (I’ve already got hold of 7 new books and 4 shows). 

So grab that blanket, roll up your socks, and get the party going!


  • Podcasts

Binging Netflix is obviously self-quarantine activity, but don’t forget about the endless podcasts that you can listen to while cooking, cleaning, meditating, or working out.

Podcasts are an excellent way to make use of time and multitasking your way through tight schedules. They also allow you to be up to date and informed about recent developments in technology, world news, and even COVID-19 for example.

Although if you feel like truly distracting yourself, there are some good sports, crime, and humorous podcasts out there. Hit us up if you’d like some recommendations!


  • Crafts & Board Games

It might look strange to club these two activities, but when was the last time you actually spent time doing them?

When did you start (or finish even) that DIY project you’ve been planning for days? Remember the last time you played Monopoly with the fam? The time is now!

Bring out the cards and lay down the board, keep the gadgets aside and roll that dice. 

For DIY, Pinterest and YouTube are your friends for crafty inspirations. From bath bombs to graffiti house walls to even making your own hand sanitizer – if you’ve got the idea, there’s probably a video out there willing to help!


  • Cooking

Now is the perfect time to try out those recipes you haven’t had time to get to, and it is a good way to bring the family together or have a little distraction. Keep in mind to stock plenty of food in your freezers, in case of emergencies. 

Prep a quick lasagna or go head-on for a 3-course meal, the kitchen is yours and so is the time. Make sure to save some of everything you make and pack it up in the freezer. (Brownies tend to last quite a while up there, just saying!)


  • Decluttering aka Cleaning

Your cupboard, bookshelves, kitchen, garden, backyard and so many other things probably require a deep clean. What’s the best time than this to sort that pile out? 

Decluttering is great for mental stability and brings you a sense of calm. Regular decluttering has also proven to reduce anxiety and stress caused by the mere thought of cleaning.

Tip: Sort and label your stuff in several piles and decluttering can turn into a fun activity. Donate, throw out, hand-me-down, sell, and so on. Unused items make for creative gifts too sometimes!

Bored in quarantine? Download Hala Yalla super app to discover new activities, events and groups! 

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Top 10 Esports Players of Saudi Arabia

Popular Esports players in KSA

No matter how chaotic the world we live in, we all agree at one point. Technology is the future and we’re living it!

As the world is evolving, everything is becoming digital, from letters to clocks. In the process of digitization, esports is also taking over, and so are the esports players!

Esports is a new popular culture. It’s one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world now. 

The Middle East has one of the fastest-growing communities of online video gamers. In the region, Saudi Arabia is the largest market, as 70% of the population is youth. 

Top 10 Esports Players:

In today’s world, gamers are treated like athletes. Here’s a list of top Saudi gamers on the basis of money earned.

  1. Aldossary Mossad, aka “MSdossary7”, is the top FIFA player in the Kingdom who enjoys the top position in the list of overall esports players in KSA. He has earned $568,865 from 20 tournaments
  2. Call of Duty player Cuyler garland aka “huke” enjoys the second position in the list. He made $293,977 from 69 tournaments
  3. The second best FIFA player stands on the third number. Abdullrhman Almasri “Lightning BoNabil” has earned $101,250 from 1 tournament
  4. Khalid “TheRoyal” Aloufi stands at the fourth position in the list of overall esports players of KSA. His total earning from 12 tournaments is $78,550
  5. Abod_AS3 is the FIFA player who won $70,000 from 2 tournaments
  6. Abdulaziz “A8drafwz” Alshehri earned $41,500 from 3  tournaments by playing FIFA in national tournaments
  7. The FIFA player “Abo_Hwas” Al Hoisen earned $33,750 from 1 Tournament
  8. The top Overwatch player in the Kingdom, Mohannad “BeCanBauer” Baharith is at #8. He has earned $27,592 from 4 Tournaments
  9. The second-best Overwatch player in Saudi Arabia is Abdulmalek “kssarplayz” Al-Dwaireg. He has earned $27,592 from 4 Tournaments. In the country’s overall players list, he stands at 8th position
  10. Mohammed “VisT0 ” Almajed is the third-best overwatch player in Saudi Arabia. His total earning from 03 tournaments is $26,877

Saudi Arabia recognizes and acknowledges these players by arranging esports tournaments throughout the Kingdom. 

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup:

In Riyadh Season, the biggest mobile esports competition ‘PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup’ held from 12 -14 Dec 2019 at Riyadh front. The players competed to win a total of  SR1 million ($267,000).

Kafu Games-Saudi eSports hub in the MENA region- organized the first live-streamed FIFA 18 eSports tournament in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) and Global eSports Resources (GER) collaborated to make this tournament happen.

It was a multi-game tournament conducted in 2 phases for 8000 players. Kafu Games flawlessly provided the complete management of the brackets and appeal system for both online and offline phases. 

Besides FIFA tournaments, Kafu Games has also successfully organized other eSports tournaments like GSA esports cup in 2018,  Pyramids E-championship in Dec 2018, Baloot championship, and many more. 

If you’re interested in gaming pick up your consoles. Make use of this quarantine and practice your favorite esports.

Join the Kafu tournaments and play from home. Don’t miss the chance to win 25,000 SAR!

Download the Hala Yalla app to stay updated on the sports events happening around you.



Play these Popular Mobile games during Quarantine

Popular Mobile Games to Play

Quarantine day# 70!

Never thought we’ll be counting days like that. Quarantine has us counting hours.

It’s good that we have our internet connection intact and we can surf online and play the best mobile games.

Speaking of games, it’s a good pastime these days. We can even play multiplayer online games if we don’t want to play alone.

Here’s a list of the best multiplayer games that can help you pass your days.


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was initially launched with only casual play. Although a competitive ranked mode, various ‘arcade’ game modes, and a player-customizable server browser were added after release.

The sequel, Overwatch 2, has new advanced modes. It has a new player versus environment (PvE) and co-operative multiplayer mode, competitive ranked mode, various ‘arcade’ game modes, and a player-customizable server browser.

Within Saudi Arabia, Overwatch has the most teams and individual players. In the overall top eSports list, Overwatch players top the list.   

The top team is “OSH-TEKK WARRIORS”. They are at 23 in worldwide ranking and at #1 in the Overwatch teams in Saudi Arabia by prize money won.

Overwatch game
Overwatch game


PUBG is a new addiction.

South Korean video company Bluehole developed and published PUBG in 2016. It’s an online multiplayer battle royale game.

The best PUBG Mobile Player in the Kingdom is Abdullah Taleb, aka “Dabi”. He’s at 28th position in overall esports player of the country. His total earnings are $4,300 from 03 tournaments. 

PUBG game
PUBG game

Rocket League

Rocket League a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game is available on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Rocket League is the most played game in Saudi Arabia by the number of teams and players.

Team “OSH-TEKK WARRIORS” is at #117 among 478 Rocket League teams worldwide. In Saudi Arabia, they stand at #1 on the basis of earnings.

game logo
game logo


Who doesn’t know about FIFA? Everyone plays it regardless of age.

Saudi Arabia has some special connection with football, be it live, physical, or esports. FIFA players have scored high on various national and international events and made their country proud. 

Aldossary Mossad, aka “MSdossary7”, is the top FIFA player in the Kingdom.  He also enjoys the top position in the list of overall esports players in KSA. He has earned $568,865 from 20 tournaments.

If you’d like to play online mobile games join the Kafu Stay home FIFA tournament. The dates will be out soon. Keep an eye on the website if you don’t want to miss the chance to earn 15,000 SAR.

Kafu FIFA banner
Kafu FIFA banner

It appears that only gamers are having a good time at home. Join the Saudi community on Kafu Games and join tournaments to win prizes!

Download the Hala Yall app to stay updated on the sports events happening around you.

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Want to Donate? Here’re top 5 Charity Organizations that you can help

Top 5 Charity Organizations that work to uplift society

Charity organizations play an important role in the development of society. Their primary objective is the social wellbeing and the development of society. 

Different organizations are dedicated to different social causes and advocate a certain point of view. 

The key aspects of charity organizations are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to every person who has invested time, money, and faith in the organization.

Saudi Arabia is known for its hospitality and generosity. There’re many nonprofit charity organizations that work for the betterment of the community.

Here’s a list of the top 5 non-profit organizations that need your donation to function well.

Zahra Breast Cancer Association

Zahra Breast Cancer Association was founded by Princess Reema bint Bandar for early detection, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer.

The aim of the organization is to cooperate with women diagnosed with breast cancer on a step-by-step basis for treatment and help them recover. 

Their goal is the protection against breast cancer via spreading health and social awareness among women and fighting the spread of the disease in the community.

They’ve got a plan that covers five main sectors.

  1. Health Education
  2. Early detection
  3. Training
  4. Patients support
  5. Research
Cancer logo
Cancer logo

King Khalid Foundation

King Khalid Foundation is a philanthropic organization that aims to improve social and economic development in Saudi Arabia. KKF uses its resources and expertise to make lives better and provide ease.

The mission of the institution is to positively impact peoples’ lives by providing innovative solutions to critical socio-economic challenges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Their vision is to become the leaders and role models in the philanthropic and development work in the country. 

They run various programs, which are listed below;

  1. Capacity building
  2. No more abuse
  3. Incubation program
  4. Grantmaking
  5. Dialogue & Advocacy
  6. Social entrepreneurship
  7. Youth development
  8. Research and publications
KKF building
KKF building

Saudi Wildlife Authority

Saudi Wildlife authority is a Non-Governmental Organization responsible for the protection, preservation, and development of wildlife in the country.

SWA aims to develop and implement plans to preserve wildlife in its natural ecology. It also works on the establishment and management of the proper protected areas and reserves for wildlife.

Their activity areas include;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Animal welfare
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Conversation and protection
  5. Development
  6. Environment
  7. Hunting
  8. Research
  9. Wildlife conservation
SWA logo
SWA logo

Alwaleed Philanthropies

Alwaleed Philanthropies is a charitable and philanthropic organization founded by Prince Al Waleed bin Talal and Princess Ameerah. 

The guiding principle of the organization is “Commitment without boundaries” as its mission is to ease the suffering of the people locally and globally.

Their goal is to empower women through education, medical, health, and social assistance. 

This foundation has established centers and programs at institutions of higher education around the world for the promotion of better mutual understanding between the Western and Islamic worlds.

The main focus of the organization is on four basic themes:

  1. Global and cultural understanding
  2. Community development
  3. Disaster recovery
  4. Women empowerment
AlWaleed Philanthropies logo
AlWaleed Philanthropies logo

Saudi Red Crescent Authority

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority is a humanitarian society that provides emergency medical services in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1934 by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud. 

The Authority provides medical services to residents and visitors at the time of need. It contributes to relief work inside the Kingdom and abroad through the use of air ambulance.

The target of the authority is to help people in normal circumstances and in disaster without any discrimination.

Their mission is to:

  1. Provide emergency medical service
  2. Raise the level of health awareness 
  3. Involve in relief work
  4. Strengthen their relationship with the public
Saudi Red Crescent Authority logo

Make this world a better place to live in, donate to these charity organizations, and contribute to a better cause.

Support for the betterment of your country and take part in the events organized by Hala Yalla.

Download the app to stay updated. Get the app on Android or iOS


2020 is the Year of Arabic Calligraphy

2020 is the Year of Arabic Calligraphy. Learn the calligraphic scripts to celebrate the culture of calligraphy

In the Year of Arabic Calligraphy learn the calligraphic scripts to celebrate the culture of calligraphy.

The art of calligraphy is an ancient form of expression. The soul reflects the fonts while the spirit takes the shape of words.

It’s spiritual writing, a talent that is mastered by few. Calligraphy started as Arab culture, but the beauty of the art is recognized around the globe.
With the spread of Islam, the Arabic language, script, and calligraphy also crossed borders. From the 14th century onward, other styles of calligraphy also took root in other regions of the world, such as Persia, Turkey, and China.
The culture of calligraphy is too deep-rooted in the Arab community to fade away anytime soon. The love for art still exists at every level in Arabic culture. 
To celebrate ancient art, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Culture prince bin Abdullah bin Farhan announced that 2020 will the “Year of Arabic Calligraphy”. The celebrations will focus on its aesthetics, history, and its importance in expressing the full depth of the Arabic calligraphy
To celebrate the culture, let’s take a look at the most ancient Arabic calligraphy scripts.

Kufic Calligraphy

The Kufic script is the oldest form of the Arabic script. It appears to be a modified form of the Nabataean script (1st century BC -1st century CE).

The style emphasizes rigid and angular strokes. The ancient script consisted of 17 letters without diacritic dots or accents. The diacritical markings were added during the 7th century to help non-Arab readers with the pronunciation of the Qur’an and other Arabic scripts. In this process, the number of letters was increased to 28. 

The style later developed into several varieties.  The Kufic fonts include floral, foliated, plaited, interlaced, bordered and squared styles.

The inscriptions on ornamentals and stone carving exist mostly in Kufic font. Also, the inscription in the dome of the rock is in the Kufic Script.

Kufic script
Kufic script

Naskh Calligraphy

With the spread of Islam, Kufic script evolved into Naskh in the 10th century. This font is widely used in the Quran, official decrees, and private correspondences. 

Ibn Muqla is regarded as the inventor of the Naskh script. Within a short span of time, the font became so popular that it was used as the regular Arabic print.

Naskh is written with short horizontal stems and vertical depth above and below the medial line. The curves are full and deep, the uprights are drawn straight and words are generally well-spaced. 

There are 03 variations of the font:

    • Thuluth: The font was established in the 10th century by Ahmad Tayyib Shah. The script is used for the inscriptions, titles, headings, and emblem in books. Thuluth means “third” in reference to the x-height, which is one-third of the Alif
    • Reqa: The handwriting style is derived from the Naskh and thuluth scripts. The font is simple with short strokes and small flourishes. The curves are densely structured and the letter Alif is never written with barbed heads
    • Muhaqqaq: It’s considered the most beautiful and difficult script. It is largely restricted to short ayahs and phrases
thuluth Calligraphy
thuluth script

Diwani Script

Diwani is a cursive style of Arabic calligraphy. The script gained its popularity during the reign of Suleyman I The magnificent (1520-1566) in the Ottoman Empire. A Diwani text represented the authority of the Sultan and the Ottoman state. 

Spaces between the letters are narrow and lines ascend upward from right to left. There are no vocalization marks in Diwani.

It was generally used in the diwan and council, or in the writings of all the royals decrees, endowments, and resolutions. 

There are two subdivisions of the Diwani script.

  • Riq’a Diwani: This script is written without any decorations. The lines drawn are straight and the lower parts are curved
  • Jeli Diwani: Also known as the clear style, the handwriting is distinguished by the intertwining of its straight line from top to bottom. It’s decorated to appear as one piece. Since the script of Jeli Diwani is difficult to write, hence it’s difficult to master
Jeli Diwani
Jeli Diwani

Modern Calligraphy

In the mid 20th century, the Middle East and North Africa started a movement to transform Arabic art into modern art. The movement was named as Hurufiyyah Movement, derived from the word ‘huruf’– the letters of the alphabet.

It was an aesthetic movement to keep the spirit of Arabic calligraphy alive in modern times. By combining ancient and modern art, the calligraphers developed an Arabic visual language. This kept the sense of national identity and coherence alive.

Modern calligraphy exists in many forms.

    • Calligraffiti. Modern calligraphy was also highly influenced by Western art. This resulted in the form of calligraffiti. Calligraphers used Calligraffiti on the public buildings to convey politico-social messages
    • Zoomorphism. Zoomorphism is a Greek word meaning ‘animal’.  In Zoomorphic calligraphy, animals are used as the visual motif. This style allows artists to stylize animal forms and designs
Zoomorphic script
Zoomorphic script

2020 will be the celebration of the culture of calligraphy in Arabian and Saudi history. In order to celebrate the Year of Calligraphy, the Ministry of Culture will organize a number of events and activities to promote Arabic calligraphy. 

It’ll encourage the interest in calligraphy at the public and private levels. Also, these efforts aim to inspire aspiring calligraphers. 

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